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Sans titre dk
Developer(s) -BaptIce@29-
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS,Nintendo WII U
Release Date(s)
1-4 Player
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Plateform
Series Nintendo,
Predecessor Null
Successor  ???
Media Included Nintendo 3DS/ Nintendo Wii U

Mario & Donkey Kong Koopa Frozen is an crossover game with Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Country developed by [BaptIce29] and publised by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U or it will be available on Nintendo Eshop for the sum of 50 euros and 50 dollars.


the game is played similarly to the Super Mario Bros. and the way of Donkey Kong Country or more character must reach the end of the level 2.5D through many worlds while fighting bosses

Playable Character

In this game there are 10 playable character

Picture name power description Unclock method
Mario M&DK Mario no particular

Mario mushroom kingdom hero returns for a new adventure next to his friends

Luigi M&DK Luigi

run faster but difficult to stop running

Luigi the coward of boo also returns to help his brother and friends

Peach M&DK Peach

can float while jumping to land slowly

Princess Peach Mushroom Kingdom was not kidnapped this is why it helps Mario and his friends

save peach from bowser
Rosalina M&DK Rosalina

can make an extra jump thanks to spin stars

The Princess Rosalina star was called Peach so she comes to rescue their

finish the 9th World

Picture name power description Unclock method
Donkey Kong M&DK Donkey Kong

can lift heavy objects and can climb the giant liana

Donkey Kong gorilla with incredible strength joined Mario and his friends for help

Diddy Kong M&DK Diddy Kong

use a jetpack to hover a little jumping

Diddy Kong the best friend Donkey Kong joins the adventure to help Mario and his friends

Dixie Kong M&DK Dixie Kong

uses her hair to fly a little

Dixie Kong's little friend Diddy Kong will make every effort to succeed the quest

Save Dixie Kong from King K. Rool
Cranky Kong M&DK Cranky Kong

uses his cane to break the cracked object

Cranky Kong Donkey Kong Grandfather joined the race to help Donkey Kong and his friends defeat the threat

finish the 9th World


Vikings of the North have made ​​a covenant with King Koopa Bowser to kidnap all the Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom ! With the help of Mario, Donkey Kong and friends through several different world each one of the other so to reach two enemies Lords


Number Name type Mini Boss Boss Secret Boss
W1 Mushroom Kingdoms Plain BoomBoomSM3DLBoom Boom

Boss 1 Lemmy&Pompy

Lemmy & Pompy

W2 Dry Dry Desert Desert
W3 Kong Island Jungle


Pom Pom



W4 Ghost Valley Ghost

Morton and bashmaster

Morton & Bashmaster

King Boo MMWii

King Boo

W5 Lost Forest Forest K.RoolRender

King K rool

W6 Delfino Beach Water

Fugu and roy

Fugu and roy

W7 Cloud Field Sky Skowl&Ludwig

Skowl & Ludwig

W8 Bowser Kingdoms Lava Bowser Jr NSMBUpooBowser Jr



W9 North Sea Ice and Water

Lord Frederik

Lord Fredrik, the Snowmad king

W10 Cold Flare Palace Ice and Lava

Fredrik & bowser

Bowser and Lord Fredrik

W12 Galactic Empire Galactic

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