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Mario: World of Color is a Mario game for the Wii U. It will be released mid-2015.


Mario is making way to Princess Peach's Castle for a picnic when Bowser and the seven Koopalings break out of the castle with Princess Peach herself! Mario dashes after her, only to be trapped in Bowser's sceptre. He and the rest of Mushroom Kingdom are sucked into a new dimension, the Drawn Dimension.

Mario comes to in Koopa Shell Valley, and treks across the valley only to find Bowser Jr and his airship. He goes inside and commences battle with him. After he defeats him, Bowser Jr explains how Bowser and his siblings were put under control of an overlord called Roloca, and how Mario needs to collect the seven Color Chromes to save the Mushroom Kingdom. Thus Mario, with the help of Bowser Jr, travels across the drawn Mushroom Kingdom to collect the Chromes.


Aside from Bowser Jr's paintbrush, Mario can use most of his normal power ups. They are as followed-

Fire Flower- Allows Mario to shoot fireballs and light torches.

More coming soon

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