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This is a 4 player fangame for the wii u with the playstyles of Mario Yoshi DK and Wario


Bowser has taken Peach Mona the banana hoard and Yoshi's friends so the Mario DK Yoshi and Wario team up


Mario: He's the only one who can use Power ups

Donkey kong: He can roll and climb

Yoshi: he can eat  throw eggs and hover

Wario: He can Arm tackle and make a pound when lands

Completion bonus

If you get all star coins get all the bananas in the hoard collect 500 coins and get Black and white Yoshi you get a demo of Super mario 3d world, Game & Wario, Donkey kong country tropical freeze and Yoshi yarn AND You can play the game again as Luigi Diddy Birdo and Waluigi

Competion Characters

Luigi: Plays like in New super Luigi U

Diddy: Plays like in Donkey kong contry returns

Birdo:Can Suck stuff up like kirby and can shoot eggs

Waluigi: plays like luigi but lower jump and faster

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