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Mario-Zero R is a racing game that crosses Mario with F-Zero on the Wii U. MKTV (Mario Kart Televistion) with be broadcasting the races.


Mario: Pipe Quake, Luigi: Poltergeist 8, Peach: Royal Sprinter, Yoshi: Donut Dino, Toad: Cyber-Shroom, Donkey Kong: Wooden Hawk Wario: Golden Spark, Bowser: Airship Azer, Daisy: Wild Sapling, Rosalina: Silver Shuttle, Bowser Jr.: Clown Cruiser, Shadow Mario: Graffiti Blooper, Captain Falcon: Blue Falcon, Dr.Stewart: Golden Fox, Pico: Wild Goose, Samurai Goroh: Fire Stingray, Captain Thunder: Blue Thunder, Jade Stewart: Luna Bomber, Dr.Vine: Green Amazone, Dré: Fire Scorpion, Megan: Hot Violet, Mickey Marcus: Fire Ball, J.B.Christines: J.B. Crystal, Nichi: Wind Walker,

Tracks (Nitro)

Mushroom Cup: Mario-Zero R Speedway, MoonBase, Silver Forest, and Greenland

King Cup: Mute City, Sub Corona Parkway, Mushroom Speedway, and Horizon Highway

Star Cup: Mario Speedway, Wario Boardwalk, Dry Dry Valley, and Big Blue

Queen Cup: Cool Cool Mountain, Peach's Castle, Fire Field, and Rainbow Raceway

Tracks (Retro)

Special Cup: SNES Mute City 4 Wii DK Summit N64 Silence 3DS Wario Shipyard

Joker Cup: GBA Cheap Cheap Island GCN Outer Space Wii Toad's Factory N64 Rainbow Road (F-Zero X Version)


Oil slick, Green Shell, Red Shell, Blue Shell, Red Fire Ball, Green Fire Ball, Chain Chomp, Bullet Bill, Star, Boo, Lazer Cannon, Fist Glove, Mushroom, and Gold Mushroom

There will be later updates in the future.

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