Mario's Warp is a game made by Fantendo and Bomb Productions Games.


Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS

Playable Characters


In Mario's Warp, you start out as Mario, just minding his own business in his pad, when suddenly, Bowser blasts through the wall in his clown-copter, plants a purple bob-omb in his bed, and flies away. Mario takes the purple bob-omb in his hand and tries throwing it outside, but it just flies back to his hand like a boomerang and gets stuck there. Then, the bob-omb blows up and opens some kind of freaky portal, sucking Mario and all of his friends inside. After that, Mario gets spit out in an unknown place and all of his friends are nowhere to be seen...

Meanwhile, near where Mario landed, a boy was running from two men with guns. The boy had a sack of money that the two men had stolen. Then, stopping right in front of Mario, the boy shoots a beam of molten metal at the two men, wraps them up in it, and throws them on top of a building. But, as the boy is walking away, the two men jump off the building and start strangling him! Seeing all of this unfold, Mario starts flinging fireballs at the two men, making their rear-ends very hot and making them run away.

Mario later discovers that the boy's name is Tucker, that Tucker has metallic powers, and that he is in a very strange world called "Los Angeles". So, now knowing where he is, Mario enlists the help of Tucker to find his friends, and then, they set off all over the USA.


In New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, you can see billboards of Kirby, Sonic, and Mega Man.

On the Florida beach, you can see Sonic sunbathing and Meta-Knight trying to catch one of the seagulls.

If you watch the TV on the top of the Empire State Building seven times, you'll see Sonic chasing Shadow as they run up the colossal building.

If you are Tucker and you dig a hole on the Florida Beach, Tucker's dog, Boo, will come with a bone in his mouth, put the bone in the hole, and dig it back up.

If you look up at the stars at night on top of the Empire State Building, you can see Star Road and a little, blue figure (Geno) on top of it, looking down at you.

In the Hollywood Tower, you can see a bunch of ghosts from Luigi's Mansion and, if you go in the elevator, you'll see Starfy, Mega Man, Kirby, and Sonic waiting with you as you go down.

On the Florida Beach, if you go in the water in the afternoon, you'll see Starfy battling Big Squiddy in the distance.

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