Mario's Rhythm Heaven (マリオのリズム天国, Mario no Rizumu Tengoku) is a rhythm game for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It is the first Rhythm Heaven game to introduce Mario characters. It is hosted by Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy and Yoshi.

The game involves Mario doing the Night Walk, Luigi sucking up Boos with his Poltergust 3000, Peach and Daisy dancing, Yoshi eating Shy Guys, Donkey Kong smashing barrels, WarioWare-like games, Bowser-bashing, and more!


Some of the games are based off the original Rhythm Heaven games. Barista, Karate Joe and some other characters also make their appearances.

Main Games

Column 1: Mario Stage

  • Mario Golf - This gameplay is similar to Rhythm Heaven Fever 's Hole-in-One. The player must take control of Mario and hit the golf balls while Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are throwing balls at him.
  • Luigi's Mansion - To save Mario from King Boo, Luigi must suck up Boos who are attacking him!

Column 2: Peach Stage

  • Princess Tap Dance - This gameplay is similar to Rhythm Tengoku 's Tap Dance. The player must take control of Peach and try to follow Dixie Kong and Tiny Kong's dance steps.

Column 3: DK Stage

  • DK Barrel Bash - The Kremlings are attacking the Kongs with barrels! And DK must smash them out of the way to protect his friends, with Diddy Kong signaling him.

Column 4: Yoshi Stage

  • Yoshi's Island - Yoshi is trying to get Baby Mario back home, and has to eat the Shy Guys along the way.

Column 5: Wario Stage

  • Wario Bike - Wario rides his bike while avoiding obstacles in his way.
  • Waluigi Pinball - Waluigi is playing his pinball game, but gets trapped in it accidentally, and now, must hit the pinball out of his way while attempting to escape.
  • Mona Pizza Delivery - Mona must deliver the pizzas to every house she passes through.

Column 6: Bowser Stage

  • Bowser's Castle - Oh no! Princess Peach is kidnapped by the evil King of Koopas! Take control of Mario and fight Bowser to save the Princess! Bowser Jr. also makes an appearance in this game.

Column 7: Rhythm Heaven Stage

  • Built to Scale - The gameplay is very similar to Rhythm Heaven Fever's Built to Scale. In a factory, you must move and assemble the widgets.
  • Samurai Slice - The gameplay is very similar to Rhythm Heaven Fever's Samurai Slice. As the Wandering Samurai, you must slice each and every one of the evil spirits.
  • Cheer Readers - The gameplay is very similar to Rhythm Heaven Fever's Cheer Readers. You play as the last of the 12 bespectacled cheerleaders.
  • Karate Man - The gameplay is very similar to Rhythm Heaven Fever's Karate Man. As Karate Joe, you must hit pots, barrels, rocks and light bulbs thrown to you with your fists.


  • Mario's Night Walk - Mario jumps on Rhythm Boxes using his traditional Mario Jump while he makes his way home at night. Luigi, Peach, Daisy and Yoshi can be seen following him.

Column 8: Fire Stage

Column 9: Thunder Stage

Column 10: Final Stage

Endless Games

  • Mario Bros. - The game involves Mario and Luigi eliminating as many enemies as they can. In this game, the player controls both Mario and Luigi.
  • WarioWare - This the remix of all the endless minigames. A classic WarioWare elevator background is shown at the beginning of the game and the door opens, starting the remix. Just like the classical WarioWare games, the player has only 4 lives, displayed by 4 Wario Garlics. Each time the player loses a life, a Wario Garlic will disappear. If the player loses all 4 lives, the WarioWare elevator door closes, and the game ends.
    Fun fact: The creators of Rhythm Heaven games also create the WarioWare games.

2-Player Mode

  • Mario and Luigi - Player 1 takes control of Mario while Player 2 takes control of Luigi.
  • Princess Tap Dance - Same as the main game, except in 2-Player Mode. Player 1 takes control of Peach while Player 2 takes control of Daisy.

More coming soon...

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