Mario's Puyo Pop

マリオのぷよぷよ Mario no puyopuyo

Developer(s) Red5P. Team
Publisher(s) Red5P. Team
Platform(s) Wii, DS, 3DS, Wii U, PC,
Release Date(s)
JP: March 22, 2006

US: May 5, 2006

EUR: May 15, 2006

AUS: May 15, 2006


INT: May 22, 2014

JP: May 19, 2014

Virtual Console:

INT: February 1, 2015

JP: January 1, 2015

1-2 players
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Series Mario
Predecessor N/A
Successor Mario's Puyo Pop 2


Mario no puyopuyotsū

Storage Needed Wii: 45 MB

Wii U: 49 MB

3DS/DS: 23 MB

PC: 34 MB

Cost 799 Yen

$ 7.99 £ 5.99

Mario's Puyo Pop is A Mario and a Puyo Pop ( A.K.A. Puyo Puyo ぷよぷよ ) Combined and it's a first game to be realesed on Wii and DS also, PC! But Returns in 3DS and Wii U later for 2015.

Wii U is exclusive one which adds Nazo mode.


Story Puyo - A quest to defeat Bowser. ( Easy 3 Lessons, Normal 13 Stages and Hard 10 Stages [Skip to Stage 4] )

Multiplayer Puyo -  2 Player only (

Lv. 1 3 Col.

Lv. 2 Rocks 12,

Lv. 3  4 Col.

Lv. 4 Rocks 12,

Lv. 5 5 Col.

Lv 6. Rocks 12. )

Endless Puyo - Pratice Your skills!

Lv. 1 - 3 Col.

Lv. 2 - 4 Col.

Lv. 3 - 5 Col.

Nazo Puyo ( Wii U only )

Easy - Stages 3

Normal - Stages 5

Hard - Stages 7

99 of Master - Stages 9

Characters and Levels

Image Character

Lessons & Stages



Mario Play As. None.
Dry Bones,
Dry-T Lesson 1

Dry-T: It's Just a nice day isn't it?

Mario: I wasn't even Sure about it...

Dry-T: Okay! If you're ready.

Dry-T: You can play with me on Puyo Battle!

SpikeRedGoomba BW
Spiky Goomba Lesson 2

Mario: Who is this In there?

Mario: Hmm...

S. Goomba: Ha, Let's Match!

Mario: Mama Mia!


Sports Troopa

Lesson 3

Sports Troopa: Help... I'm covered in Mud...

Mario: Hey! This is not a real Mud!

Mario: So watch it!

Sports Troopa: Whatever you say you cheeky little red hat then it's Puyo Pop!

Dragonia Koopa Stage 1

Mario: Hey, Where you escape from!?!?

Mario: Didn't I Seen you a long time ago?

Dragonia Koopa: Yep, And you have to give up.

Mario: Hey, That's not good to say that! Common Sense!

Dragonia Koopa: Guh! If you want to play Puyo Match,

Dragonia Koopa: LET'S PLAY!

Boss Bass Cheep Stage 2

Mario: Hey can you hear me?

Mario: Hello? Fish?


Boss Bass: Don't you even dare interupt me ever again!

Spiny Spine Stage 3

Spiny Spine: Hehehe!! I've been waiting all through this! Hehehe!!

Mario: No Hands?

Spiny Spine: Huh!?!?

Spiny Spine: Okay that's IT I have HANDS YOU FOOL!! TIME TO KICK YOU!!

Mario: Wait! We need to play Puyo Pop!

Hrily *NEW APPEARANCE* Stage 4

Hrily Sings in the Background.

Wait 5 Secs.

Mario: Mama Mia! Can you stop with the TONE DEAF VOICE!!

Wait 5 Secs.

Mario: ARGH! That VOICE is out of VICTORY!!

Peach Stage 5

Peach: Hello! My hero!

Mario: Hello Peach!

Peach: Ur, Mr. Mario, What are we playing then?

Mario: Puyo Pop.

Toad Stage 6

Toad: Nice to meet you I'm Toad!

Mario: Oh, hello there Toad!

Toad: Want to be ready to fight?

Mario: Yes, I do.

Toad: Watch out!! Because my mushroom poison is deadly.

Yoshi Stage 7

Yoshi: Yoshi!! My name is Yoshi!!

Mario: Woah!

Mario: Yoshi? Can you talk back now?

Yoshi: Yes!! I can talk now!!

Mario: Okay.

Daisy Stage 8
Donkey Kong Stage 9
Luigi Stage 10
Wario Stage 11
Rosalina Stage 12
Bowser F. Stage

Mario: Oh, It's so dark in there, Who could it be?

Mario: Is it A Question Mark?

Bowser: Nope you fool.

Bowser: It's me, KING BOWSER!

Mario: Woah! Mama Mia, You've behind this weren't you?

Bowser: Yes, Yes!!

Bowser: I'll be owning the land all by myself and destroy!!

Bowser: Brawhahaha!!

Mario: You are not going to get this land ended and destroyed!!

Bowser: WHAT!?!?!!?

Bowser: If you insist, Then let's play!!

Mario: Puyo Pop Battle!!


Company Name Graphics Music Sound Script Overall

If you don't know what's who whos of Puyo Puyo / Puyo Pop, look down! QUICK NOTE: THIS GAME IS ONLY ON JAPAN!!

Puyo Pop 15th Anniversary Nintendo Wii Video 2007 08 01 100:00

Puyo Pop 15th Anniversary Nintendo Wii Video 2007 08 01 1

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