Mario's Pop Up Book

Mario's Pop Up Book is a game in the Mario Series. It was developed by user MamaLuigi22, and published by Nintendo. It is a 2.5D Platformer.


Bowser uses an ancient wand to turn the entire mushroom kingdom into a pop-up book, trapping everyone inside. With the Mushroom Kingdom out of the way, Bowser's kingdom is now the most powerful kingdom in the world, and is planning a world take over. Mario must get to the end of the Pop-up book, and battle Bowser and defeat him, and use the wand to turn the mushroom kingdom back to normal.

Playable Characters

Main Characters


The gameplay is interesting. The point A to point B aspect returns from other games. However, the fact that it is a pop-up book effects the game. Platforms may be letters, enemies come from the pictured in the book. The game acknowledges that it does take place in a pop-up book very openly.

Beta Content

Originally, Luigi wasn't going to appear, and Toad was going to be the one who helps Mario with his adventure behind the scenes. But MamaLuigi22 thought that Luigi is a more major character then Toad, so Luigi should take the place instead.


The game was positively received by critics and reviewers. The people thought it was fun and creative. People did criticize the enemies, but most people didn't mind the enemies. Overall, most people liked it.