Mario's Past is a game by Jet Inc..

Playable Characters

Mario = Mario goes to the past and finds who killed his mom and dad! With his all-around type, he's a character for beginners!

Luigi = Luigi goes with Mario, ready to find the truth of his family. He's good at jumping, but not the best traction.

Pauline = Pauline is the slowest character and the worst jumper. However, she has great traction.


Cranky Kong = Cranky, known as Donkey in this, was the one who murdered Jumpman and Pauline. But can Mario and Luigi fix this?

Donkey Kong Jr. = DK's dad and Cranky's son. He helps his father kill Jumpman and Pauline.

Peach = Peach bids Mario and his friends goodbye as they leave to the past.

E. Gadd = E. Gadd is the one who makes the time machine.


Mario and Luigi are reading the newspaper when Mario remembers a newspaper his aunt and uncle had saved while they were young. Mario grabs it and sees a picture of two dead bodies. Above reads, "Mr. and Mrs. Mario found dead at construction sight, apparantly something squished their skulls." Luigi gasps, knowing that it wasn't their aunt and uncle. It must be their parents. The two run off to find E. Gadd and run into Pauline. She agrees to come. E. Gadd makes them a time machine and the three leave the present, E. Gadd and Peach watching.


In the end Mario, Luigi and Pauline drop a cage over Cranky and DK Jr.. Thanking them, Jumpman and Pauline explain what happened. . .

"Those apes once kidnapped your mother. I rescued her and we got married. After having you three, Pauline told me she had seen the little ape sneaking past our house. We sent you to the Mushroom Kingdom to live with your aunt and uncle, and Paula got sent to her older cousin. Then we found ourselves here, about to be squished by a barrel. Thank you for saving us."

The five of them go to the Mushroom Kingdom and live happily ever after.

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