This petition is for Locky'12 (tbc) create a bigger sequel of Mario's New Adventure!. You can support or oppose the creation of the sequel, also, there's a idea section. Don't forget when you put your support, oppose or idea to put the User template! Mario wants your vote! Also, if you support it, don't forget to use the userbox: {{MNAGood}}, the objective is get 50 votes, either of Support or Oppose. When we have 50 votes, if we have more Support votes, the sequel will be announced after the Lava Path fan game been completed, if we have more Oppose votes, the sequel will be cancelled. Don't forget also to put your ideas!



  • Locky'12 (tbc) - Well, I'm supporting because is my game and I find much fun create this game and I want create another.
  • MarioGameChampion (tbc) - I love the game, but it needs to be both longer and easier.
  • Brockdilley (tbc) - Why not?
  • Frederatorfan (tbc)- I think this guy has talent and should continue to make levels.
  • RedNocturneofFlame (tbc)- After seeing his latest blog, this could be a big step up from his lastest fan game.
  • LightningLuigi93 (tbc) - I loved the game, so it would be cool to see another.
  • kirbymariomega (tbc) - The game was kind of unfair, but I'd like to see how this sequel turns out.



Here you put your ideas to the game.

  • MarioGameChampion (tbc) - There could be 3 worlds, 5 levels each. They should be easy but not too easy because games are made for challenge.
  • Frederatorfan (tbc)- Levels with a specific theme, like one level with only Dino-Rhinos and Torches or one with Ninjis. Also, one secret level per world that leads to a shortcut.
  • Sr.Wario (tbc)  Tatanga?

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