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Developer(s) GG Logo 2
Publisher(s) GG Logo 2
Platform(s) The Future Nintendo
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
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Genre(s) Party
Media Included Future Nintendo Disc
Mario's Minigame Land is a new Mario game for the Future Nintendo, developed by Great Games, Inc. It is a party game featuring several minigames pertaining to the series and the sub-series.


The game features many minigames, which can be divided into three categories: Jumbo Games, Minigames, and Microgames. As the name suggests, jumbo games are the largest and microgames are the smallest. A boss mode is also present where the players battle a boss from the Mario series. There will also be sixteen total playable characters divided into four classes. Items are utilized in the minigames to a differing level of effect. Awards called Minigame Points are introduced which are awarded when a minigame is completed. They can be spent at the shop.


  • Jumbo Games: These usually have the most complex gameplay and are longer than the others.
  • Minigames: These are usually short and quick to play, with gameplay that isn't too complex.
  • Microgames: These are the shortest. They usually are very easy to play.
  • Boss Games: These involve the player battling a boss from the series. These are usually 4-player co-op.
  • Shopping: The player can buy items from the game with Minigame Points.

Minigame Types

  • 1 vs. 3: One player faces the other three in whatever competition the minigame involves.
  • 2 vs. 2: Two teams of two battle in the minigame.
  • 4 co-op: All four players must work together to accomplish the task.
  • Free-for-all: There are no teams. All players are on their own.



  • All Around: Characters that have average stats in everything.
  • Speedy: Characters that are fast but have low power and agility.
  • Powerful: Characters that are very powerful but have low agility and speed.
  • Agile: Characters that can make quick movements but have low speed and power.


Name Picture Type
Mario All-Around
Luigi All-Around
Peach Agile
Daisy Speedy
Yoshi Speedy
Toad Agile
Donkey Kong Powerful
Bowser Powerful


Name Picture Type How to Unlock
Wario Powerful
Waluigi Speedy
Toadette Agile
Birdo All-Around
Bowser Jr. Powerful
Koopa Troopa All-Around
Rosalina Agile
Kamek Speedy


Jumbo Games

In The Nick of Mario: In this minigame, you reach Mario's hat and give it to him. The last one who catches it loses. Time limit is 50 seconds Make A Sandwich: In this minigame, You help the Player make a sandwich. Time limit is 500 seconds.


Mario Bus: There are Mario buses. get in before you're late! Time limit is 5 seconds. Car Ride: Reach the finish before anyone else does!


Boss Battles

Retro Minigames from Mario Party





Beta Elements