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Mario's Adventures is an cartoon about Mario and his gang in multiple adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom.


  1. Mario (big role)
  2. Luigi (big role)
  3. Wario (normal role)
  4. Waluigi (minor role)
  5. Yoshi (big role)
  6. Peach (big role)
  7. Daisy (minor role)
  8. Bowser (large role)
  9. Pyoro (large role)
  10. Shake king (minor role)


Episode About Main Characters Extra Notes Writors
Piranha Infestment Piranhas infest the area, so Yoshi must defeat them and keep his friends, Mario and Luigi safe. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi A music in the back ground has a remix of the Super Mario Sunshine Goo Piranha Plant battle music. Luke Brokshier, Nate Cash, Eric Shaw
Koopa Bros. A gang of sun-glasses wearing Koopas can defeat even the Wario Bros.! Two can play at that game! Soon, Wario and Waluigi learn to use their moves so they could challenge them, so their crimes will end. Wario, Waluigi, Mario The Koopas resemble ones from Paper Mario and Shell Mario/Luigi is from NSMB.
A Bird in the Forest Yoshi was walking into the forest, until he saw some Buzzaps attacking Pyoro and Wario Yoshi rescued Pyoro and Wario, and his bug enemies start invading the Mushroom Kingdom! With the 2 eaters, they save the Kingdom!

Yoshi, Pyoro, Wario, Mario

Luigi Can be seen sitting on a bench in one scene of this episode.
Mama Waluigi Waluigi freed an Eggling from it's apple, and it's Yoshi egg-coluored. It also thinks Waluigi is his mother. It keeps bothering Waluigi at the wrong time. In the end, "Yoshling" finds a bunch of other Egglings to go with, Wario, Waluigi, yoshling, Shake king Egglings are from Yoshi: Topsy-Turvy, and the title was based off of the episode title from the SMW cartoon, "Mama Luigi". Nate Cash, Walt Dohen, Nicholas Carr
SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! Shake king has been shaking stuff for 55 year's so mario and the gang have gotta stop him. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Shake King First apperence of the magic coin bag, and the title was going to be called "Shake Problem". Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas and Tim Hill


  • "Aah! Aah!

Mario! Luigi"
-Mario & Luigi, and Yoshi, Piranha Infestment

  • "I don't like shells. Especially since it was once a live Koopa's..."
    -Luigi, Koopa Bros.
  • "My home was once on a flying grass ball in the sky.

Just thinking about it makes my head spin!"
-Pyoro and Yoshi, A Bird in the Forest

  • "Great, my first living egg.

Wil you tel me a bwed-twime stowy?

Sure, when you realize I'm not your mother"
Yoshi, Yoshling, and Waluigi again

Voice Actors

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