Marina (FA)
This girl is so totally the best, like, everyone likes her and stuff!
Full Name Marina
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Fantenville
Current Status Alive
Class Heroine
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Fantendo Adventure

Marina Rosetta is a playable character from Fantendo Adventure and it's sequel. Marina has been shown to be very kind and very friendly too.


Marina is a very kind character. Her bio suggests everyone likes her indicating a friendly personality. She is very caring and loyal. She looks after Opal in Brochi's Story.


Marina has a long red skirt, a grey coat and a long red scarf. Her hair is a maroon-red and she has crimson glasses. She has a black head-band with a red bow in her hair and she has her hair tied back with a black ribbon.




Angel's Story

Marina was bitten before the rest of Ursula's group made it into the building. She turned and conered them in an office, leading to the rescue of Angel and Eva. She was later put down by Fae as they escaped the building.

Brochi's Story

Marina was Opal's babysitter while her parents where away, she took Opal with Brochi to the fields outside where she was reunited with her sister Ursula. After an accident in the sewers Ursula suffered from a head wound and eventually died, Marina put her down and burried her but refused to leave her grave site. Marina's solidified body is later seen in the basement of Nevaeh's house, prompting the others to quickly leave.

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