Heyo there~ Hm? You need healing medicine? I got ya... come here and I'll rub down those shoulders for y'all~
Marigold, when asked if the player can receive a full healing in General's Journey

Marigold Blossom
None because i'm too lazy
Current Age 41
Date of Birth March 12th
Gender Female
Species Human / Siren
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Windmaker Blunderbuss
Height 5'06"
Weight 140 lbs
Marigold Blossom is a super sultry yet highly intelligent siren that lives inside Strike Forger's "Rustbucket Express" pirate ship, known best for being the principal of the High Seas University located upon the aforementioned boat. Marigold is a huge bookworm, having written some of the most expansive dictionaries and biographies and history books to date. Much like her boyfriend Strike, she has a great passion for the sea and knows the waters of any major planet in the Zaxinian Lifts, and has notably constructed a full seabed map for Zonar's oceans. Marigold is a very busy woman that is seeking to make advancements in the field of education in the Zaxinian Lifts as well as make the next generations of children as smart as they can possibly become. When not teaching or studying, she is hanging at the Sugar n' Spice Casino Club hidden near Strike's typical docking area, getting drunk with her fellow siren friends or playing aggressive casino games with them that traditionally involve high stakes.


Marigold has a very bubbly and fun-loving attitude, always the type that likes to party or get involved in risky high-stakes affairs. She is rarely the type to get jealous of others or display envy towards them, and rarely feels the need to argue or fight. Marigold is a very open woman that displays no real preferences for most things; she'll eat any food besides seafood and be willing to instruct anything to anyone no matter what the challenges involved are. Her openness stretches to her love life; while she has very loose relationships with her various dates, she loves them all and invites them all over to her hidden casino every Sunday. However, it is no secret that most of her affection is turned towards Strike, whom she travels with nearly 24/7. Unlike Strike, Marigold tends to not talk all too much unless provoked to; she prefers to enter conversation when others are interested in communication instead of feeling like she's just going to unintentionally annoy them.

Marigold can be quite serious at times, however, especially when she's in the middle of teaching or studying. When studying (usually from Monday to Friday for about half the day), she's intensely focused on her work and has trouble hearing others when she's so dead concentrated on her studies. When teaching class, she very clearly focuses on academics over everything else, and isn't very open for talking during these times (though she retains her friendly quirks). The only way to truly annoy Marigold overall is to interrupt her while she's talking or generally ignore her; this can send her into a miniature rage. However, she is very easy to calm down, especially if one chooses to hold her hands. It works every time.


Marigold prefers to not fight at all, but displays a fair amount of abilities. Being a siren that has extensive knowledge of the sea and its hazards, she is an excellent swimmer, and her unhingable jaw can be opened to bite people that threaten her or her friends. One of her few strategies is to force her hands on her opponent's head to hold it under the sea; she keeps doing that to them until they drown. Her Windmaker Blunderbuss is her only real weapon, which she uses to generate huge gusts of wind that can blow opponents far away. If she puts a cannonball in the blunderbuss' funnel, she can launch the iron ball a long distance - it functions as a big, lethal bullet if it strikes anyone on contact. Being something of an amateur pirate, she is somewhat experienced with swordsfighting, but clearly isn't the best of them as she only tends to know simple swings.

Most of her abilities are concentrated in her intelligence. With such a free, open mind and no trouble with memory loss, Marigold can remember just about anything she learns and apply it to paper. She organizes her sheets and papers in the most well-done ways she can and has a very expansive vocabulary full of big words that few people actually understand. She is a fantastic, motivated book writer, and has written over 200 books that are key to the history of the Zaxinian Lifts, such as The Life and Crimes of Silver Heartgold: Some Kind of Monster, Devina and the Typhoon Resort, Shadows of Mallory, Gone, and When Hell Freezes Over.


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