There's no mystery or crime that Marie Louisa Caviar can't solve, and not for lack of trying!
Marie to Antoine

Marie Caviar
Full Name Marie Louisa Caviar
Current Age 18
Date of Birth March 15th, 2040
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Advanced deductive skills

Advanced knowledge of psychology

First Appearance Caviar Detective Agency

Marie Caviar is the primary protagonist of Caviar Detective Agency and a character developed by Pyro Enterprises.


Marie is, in a single word, eccentric. She is extremely indifferent towards what others think of her, and typically avoids social norms to do whatever the heck she wants to do at any given time. As such, while she's outgoing and nice, she tends to ignore contact with her classmates and peers and simply hang out on her own or with her family.

Marie is infatuated with the art of forensics, having studied multiple varieties of crime-solving from multiple countries. She herself has stated that solving mysteries seems to be both her passion and her greatest skill, and makes solving crime her goal in life, even going so far as to opening her own freelance detective agency alongside light work for the Floranum police force.




Marie possesses a keen intellect and advanced knowledge of forensic techniques, billing herself "The World's Greatest Underage Detective". He excels most at finding clues and storing them via an apparently photographic memory, though her strange personality limits her ability to really associate with clients.

Her IQ is stated to be "about 230", though whether this is true or Marie is lying remains to be seen.

Marie has lower physical strength and endurance than most humans due to "not really caring about exercise", and typically carries a small handgun for protection if need be.


Caviar Detective Agency

Marie is the primary protagonist of her debut game. More TBA



  • Marie has been cited as Pyro Enterprises director Pyrostar as an attempt to make a "semi-normal character, without any real supernatural or technological elements involved". This design sentiment is shared with the rest of her debut game.
  • Being native to Floranum, Marie speaks in an accent comparable to French and is fluent in Florish, which is a similar language.