Maria des Espirits
Current Age 39
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Female
Location Inner Sanctum
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Tapping into the thoughts of a victim, Psychic-based attacks, Mind-Reading and various other skills
Vulnerable To Dark and Bug-based attacks
First Appearance Pokemon - Shadows of Illusions
The apocalypse will plague us all... In due time, though.
Maria des Espirits, Pokemon - Shadows of Illusions

Maria des Espirits (Or simply known as Maria) is a female Gothitelle and one of the main protagonists in Pokemon - Shadows of Illusions. She works as a traveling Psychic whom tells the fortunes of people, taps into their minds and reads their thoughts.


Maria is indistinguishable from other Gothitelle in terms of her body, however she wears a black cloak made from silk with a white rim. The rim is etched with a symbol from the ancients representing a Pokémon overlooking the purpose of Sanctum and is personal to Maria. She also wears a brown hat made of leather and has a flower placed onto it for decoration.


Maria is fairly pessimistic and a skeptic. She mostly questions how the world truly functions and how people overlook it and sometimes taking this to the extremes by tapping into peoples thoughts on it. She is generally docile and has no intentions of gathering any attention whatsoever though she can also be a little more outgoing and may attempt to mingle with a crowd and try to start a conversation.


  • Her most potent ability is the ability to tap into a target's mind and input thoughts. This can be put to good use or bad use depending on the situation which Maria is caught in.
  • Psychic - This attack shakes the target and damages it's mind by channeling large amounts of Psychic energy. This is used by Maria in emergencies in self-defense and can cause severe damage to the target.

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