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Maria Luise & Adventures is a game fanon the Game Boy Advance , 2002, it is a 3D game of adventure.


Bowser captured the Prince Pearce Toadstool and destroyed a bit the Kingdom of Mushroom, The Maria and Luise read a letter written -Help, Me Help. written by Prince Pearce, then Maria Luise and rushed to a great adventure to save the Prince Pearce.



  • World 1: Overworld
  • World 2: Desert
  • World 3: Beach
  • World 4: Ice
  • World 5: Florest
  • World 6: Cavern
  • World 7: Fabric
  • World 8: Cloud
  • World 9: Airship
  • World 10: Castle


Image Boss World
NSMBULarry Larry Koopa World 1


Wart New by Tom Wart World 1


Roy Koopa Roy Koopa World 2


SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art Boom Boom World 2


Koopa Girl Koopa Girl World 2,4,6,8,9 and 10

(Airship, World 9 Tower 1 and World 10 Tower 1 and 2)

Wendy O Koopa 3D Wendy O. Koopa World 3


SMBDIY King Puffer King Cheep-Cheep World 3


Iggy Koopa Iggy Koopa World 4


250px-Sorbetti Profile 2Sorbetti Sorbetti World 4


Lemmy Koopa 3D Lemmy Koopa World 5


PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha World 5


Morton Koopa Jr 3D Morton Koopa Jr. World 6


Big Boo NSMBDIY Big Boo World 6

(Ghost House)

Mega Mole SMW3D Mega Mole World 6


Ludwig Von Koopa 3D Ludwig von Koopa World 7


MP9 Big Bob-omb Big Bob-omb World 7


BowserJr.SMG Bowser Jr. World 8


Lakithunder NSMBDIY Lakithunder World 8


Wiggler running Big Wiggler World 9

(Tower 2)

Koopalings World 9


False Bowser World 10

(Castle 1)

Dry Bowser World 10

(Castle 2)

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