March of the Nintenminies was originally a game similar to Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, using the Nintendo All-Stars. However, the game rights were recently bought by Purpleverse Inc., as part of the Purpleverse Edition series.


The entity Paralyax Ax- formed from evil Minis- has kidnapped all the other Mini Heroes from their worlds! It is up to Mario to stop him.

List of Minis

  1. Mini Mario
  2. Mini Pikachu
  3. Mini Kirby
  4. Mini Link
  5. Mini Samus
  6. Mini Sonic
  7. Mini PurpleGuy (Playable only after game completion)


Contains two from each series, making 8 worlds, has well has 2 secret worlds, and a final one. It also has the boss of the location. Suggest bosses on the talk page please.

  1. Mushroom Lands- Mecha Bowser
  2. Piranha Panic!- Petey Piranha
  3. High Skies of Saffron City- Superpowered Giovanni
  4. Water Gym- Misty
  5. Dreamland- Whispy Woods
  6. Fountain of Dreams- Meta Knight
  7. Hryule Castle- Link
  8. Dungeon's Below- Ganon
  9. Paralyax- Paralyax Ax

Secret Worlds

  1. PyroPower Paralyax- Paralyax Axecutioner
  2. Purpleverse Stage- PurpleGuy


Usually, you have to use the Mini's advantage to beat the boss. You have to use the world that the Mini would belong in. Such has, a Mini Mario might have to use Hammers that only they can use to attack an enemy, or a Mini Link has to slice an enemy with the sword.

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