Marble Mushroom
The current appearance of the Marble Mushroom.
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Mushroom
First Appearance Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration
Latest Appearance Super Mario: Elemental Journey
Turns Mario into Marble Mario
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A Marble Mushroom is a item that when touched turns Mario in Marble Mario. In this form, Mario can take up to ten extra hits, as well as being able to do a "hard slide" move. When these ten extra hits are up, Mario turns back into Small Mario, so be careful when you're on your last hit!


The Marble Mushroom is a entirely white/grey mushroom covered in recrystallization marks that are typically seen in marble.


Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration

Usage Information

It is free to use so long as you do not try to take credit for any of the images or ideas behind this power-up.


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