Marble Mario
Did that statue just blink?
Original Character(s) Mario
Achieved By Touching a Marble Mushroom
Main Ability/ies
Ten extra hits, hard slide
Marble Mario is the form granted by the Marble Mushroom power-up. It gives ten extra hits and a "hard slide" that can be done virtually anywhere given enough momentum.


When the Marble Mushroom is used, it gives Mario ten extra hits on the life meter. When all ten hits are used, Mario transforms back into Small Mario. Another ability granted by the Marble Mushroom is the ability to slide into enemies with a "hard slide". This slide can be done anywhere given enough momentum and ignores projectile damage. The one downside to this slide is that it cannot be easily cancelled.


Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration

Debuts in this game and gives Mario ten extra hits and the "hard slide" ability.

Super Mario: Elemental Journey

Returns with pretty much the same usage and abilities it had in Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration.

Usage Information

It is free to use so long as you do not try to take credit for any of the images or ideas behind this power-up.


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