Maraj is a wind mage in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He works for Ludveck of Felirae. The second he saw that Lucia had discovered plans for a mutiny Maraj decides to track her down and kill her. They find her hideout in a cave. Maraj is later killed by Lucia's allies.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Maraj appears in Nintendo vs. Capcom as a playable character. One of his hyper combos involves him facing the screen and surrounding himself in a gigantic tornado. He is unlocked by purchasing him in Sylphie's Shop for 2351 zenny or by completing Arcade Mode with Lucia. In his story mode he as well as a few men from Felirae are ordered to eliminate a few crimelords such as Retu, Black, Wario, Hisahide and others. At the end of his story he is saved from being shot by the Miyoshi Trio who were looking for vengeance by Ludveck. Maraj then succeeds Ludveck as leader of Felirae and decides to govern in peace.

Special Attacks

Elwind:Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Maraj will send 3 waves of energy at his opponent.

Mini Tornado:Quarter Circle Back + Punch. Maraj will send a mini tornado across the floor and blast his opponent up into the air.

Spinning Hurricane:Dragon Punch + Punch. Maraj will fly diagonally up with wind covering him. This also causes projectiles to bounce right off.

Wind Swing Half-Circle Forward + Kick. Maraj grabs his opponent's head then spins around at a fast pace then throws his opponent away fast.

Wind Drill:Quarter-Circle Back + Kick. Maraj flies through the air spinning while attacking with his legs spinning like a drill.

Tornado:2 Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Maraj kneels down looking at the screen saying "This is what happens when you oppose Ludveck!" then stands up raising his arms surrounding himself with a gigantic tornado that sucks up and constantly hits his opponents. After it is successfully done he says "Those who oppose my master will get a short lifespan!"

Breezing Slam:2 Quarter-Circle Back + Kick. Maraj punches his opponent in the stomach saying "Now to finish this!" then grabs his opponent's head and spins around at first a slow pace then a fast pace. He then jumps into the air and slams his opponent right into the ground.

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