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Full Name Mapi
Current Age 18
Date of Birth 7th of August
Gender Female
Location Comet Observatory
Current Status Alive
Class Helper hero
Newsboy Squadron, Rosalina, Lubba
Family and Relations
Lumas (Brothers and sisters), Rosalina (Mother)
Ability/ies Star Bolt, Star Spin
Vulnerable To Darkness
First Appearance Galactic Defender Rosalina
Latest Appearance Galactic Defender Rosalina

Mapi is a female Luma who is part of the Newsboy Squadron. Out of the three female members (Lakilaura, Booisianna and herself), she's the leader.


Mapi is a turquoise Luma with short brown hair and eyelashes (Which are represented as a single eyelash). Like Lubba and the Hungry Lumas, she has a visible mouth.


Mapi is very calm and doesn't seem to fall into panic very easily. She's also sweethearted and cares a lot about Rosalina and her Newsboy Squadron teammates, specially Speedster T.

Abilities and powers

Mapi can imbue Starbits with Star Power to turn them into powerful bullets that can do more damage than simple Starbits. She has also been training with the Co-Star Luma to perform the Star Spin by herself.


  • During the creation of the Newsboy Squadron, Mapi was meant to be a Shadow Siren like Vivian, Beldam and Marilyn but with brown hair and a turquoise hat with white stripes. However, this idea was scrapped and Mapi eventually became a Luma.