Manikin Man strikes again with his team of mannikin!!
Manikin Man, victory quote

Manikin Man
Manikin man
Current Age 35
Date of Birth April 30th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Nuke City
Align Hero
Current Status Alive
Height 3'11"
Weight 166 lbs
First Appearance Unknown
Manikin Man, real name being Ramen Zander, is one of sixteen new characters waiting to be introduced in the Mallorian Monarch phase for the Zaxinian Lifts, being part of Athena's 2018 lineup of characters. He is an unusual superhero, being powered with nuclear-based energy and leading a group of deformed nearly-aborted children named his "manikins" (hence his name). He also serves as the mascot to Valerie Heartgold's "Valco" company, and is popular for his influence on young children's lives based on how much crime he had fought over his time alive. Much like his children, Manikin Man has an unusual, deformed-looking appearance and can be easily picked out from a crowd; but in spite of his abnormalities, he is just as willing to battle for the Zaxinian Lifts as are better-known heroes like Silver Zin or General Scotch. When not crime-fighting, Manikin Man is known for his nuclear energy protesting and his attacks on rich businessmen that support it.


Manikin Man has yet to make an appearance in the Zaxinian Lifts. During Phase 1, where he doesn't show up in any projects, he fought crime on lesser known planets, which explains why he hasn't really appeared yet.

The moment he gets (at least) a sketch, alongside other new TimeStrike characters, they will be scheduled to appear in Zonal Fever.

Personality / Backstory

Throughout his entire life, Manikin Man has consistently been a highly energetic and confident superhero from start to finish, possessing huge faith in himself and his group of sidekicks. Born from a radioactive-plagued town in the far east of the Bitetach planet, he discovered the wrongness of nuclear energy from a young age by himself due to his enhanced brain cells, and kept that to his curious heart for the rest of his life. He recruited a bunch of children throughout his life to help him fight crime, only taking children by his side if they're suffering from contamination like he has. Due to his wisdom and excellent strategies in battle, he soon became the Radioactive Leader and eventually the mayor of his city, but uses his authority to prove the wrongness of nuclear energy rather than fix up his shambles of a hometown. Unlike some superheroes in the Zaxinian Lifts, Manikin Man makes no effort to live "two lives", being known as Manikin Man in all scenarios and not possessing any sort of alter-ego. This is so he can be completely honest with who he is and not double himself by making things unnecessarily twice as complicated, though he gets annoyed when he's dialed up often to deal with trouble.

Due to his nuclear-induced defects, he behaves somewhat differently from the typical Zaxinian citizen. He drools half the time, often looks wide-eyed, rarely eats or drinks, speaks with a mouth full of spit, and ferally growls when upset. When nuclear energy becomes a topic, he audibly hisses and makes a lot of inhuman motions with his arms of unequal length, and savagely attacks anyone that is shown or heard supporting radioactive energy in any way. Over time, he has become more and more aggressive over this subject, having gone on a few killing sprees out of a lack of self-control and subsequently being put into prison each time (though he always escapes prison and the authorities don't really care because he's done much more good than harm). He really likes his sidekicks; if any of them get hurt, he will just as savagely attack anyone that had a hand in hurting them. While he struggles with his nuclear-infused body dysfunctions, he tries to become one with the human race and hopes to be fully accepted as a Zaxinian citizen by the public in spite of his birth oddities.


Manikin Man leads an army of deformed children that were nearly aborted due to their crippled bodies. Both him and his children have mastered radioactive-related powers, able to breathe dangerous fumes that can poison and cripple enemies vulnerable to it. His children have incredibly strong jaws that they can use to easily tear down foes and extra limbs that they can masterfully use to multitask with in fights. Due to their nuclear birth infections having changed some of their genetic makeup and altering their typical human statistics, they are all generally faster and stronger than average humans, making them tough to put up with by the average civilian or two. Because they are a poor group of individuals that are rarely paid for fighting crimes, they can be seen eating meat way out of season or eating up bits of corpses without getting sick at all. In turn, this made them into world-famous heroes, though they always try to eat in secret because of that. It should also be known that he and his children are immune to other diseases and infections, completely protected from them by their "nuclear skin".


  • Manikin Man was created to twist the superhero stereotypes that Athena Hawkins is aware of.

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