Here is a list of strategies for the Rising map, Manhole.

Mode-specific Strategies


  • As a Field Agent in VIP mode, avoid contact at all costs. If you do run into contact, flee and attempt to avoid enemy fire (Unless the enemy is a Field Agent, if this is so, kill the opposing field agent). The best route to go by is through the Alleyways, since there is a fair amount of cover in it and because the main battle is mostly taking place in the Central Sewage Processing room. If you run into another Field Agent, take cover and kill the agent. Once you've done so, attempt to find the location of the VIP, who can be spotted because of the fact he is weaponless. If you spot the VIP, inform your team of the VIP's location using the headset and attempt to stay alive, otherwise the location of the VIP will not be clear anymore. Note: Do not attempt to kill the VIP, as it's guards will spot you and shoot you down.
  • As a Close Range class in VIP mode, take into the account the fact that the tunnels are good for close range attacks and ambushes. Guarding the VIP is also something which could be made use of, though attempt to avoid the Central Sewage Processing room as the VIP could be sniped by opposing snipers. When you run into contact, either kill the enemy or cover yourself with a Riot Shield to protect yourself and the VIP.
  • As the VIP, keep close to heavily-armed classes or those with Riot Shields, as they may guard you the most effectively. Do not stray away from the guards or you will most likely be shot by opposing team members.

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