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A screenshot of the tunnels in Manhole.

Manhole is one of the few maps appearing in Rising's multiplayer mode. The map is based off the sewers in one of the more major cities and is best suited for Capture the Flag or VIP modes.


Spawn Areas

There are spawn areas on each side of the map, both equal in size. The Spawn Areas are outside within the alleyways of the city, and fences on the areas where the alley leads to the road are blocked and cannot be climbed over. There is also a door, which can only be used by your team, which leads to the actual battlefield in the sewers.

Sector A1/B1

Sectors A1 and B1 are both pipe regulation rooms which contain the flag for either team, and are rather large. There is not much cover in this area, as the only area where players can take cover are piles of debris and concrete. This room is best suited for Riot Troopers to turtle behind cover and to wait for enemy players to take the flag.

Tunnels (A1/B1 to A2/B2)

These tunnels are generally less vast and are generally good places for Field Agents to escape from enemy fire. The tunnels have some places with trash and are otherwise simply labelled with directions to other sectors and paths to the Alleyways.


The Alleyways are, as their name suggests, alleyways which can be accessed through tunnels. The Alleyways are generally suited for Close Combat fights between short-range classes such those equipped with Shotguns or those with Light Machineguns. The alleyways also have some forms of cover such as trash dumpsters and other such objects.

Sector A2/B2

Sectors A2 and B2 are two somewhat small rooms leading to the Central Sewage Processing. They have some Crates, and several pipes which go along the walls. There is also a small pathway leading to the Central Sewage Processing area.

Central Sewage Processing

The Central Sewage Processing room is the largest room in the map and connects Sectors A2 and B2 together. The room has a large hole which takes up most the room in the middle, which has four pipes which have sewage flowing through them, forming a large whirlpool of water below. This room is best to be avoided by Field Agents, as there is no cover in this room to hide behind and the player can easily be shot down.


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Gameplay Screenshots

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