Mangrove City
Greater Location Ya Vilk
First Appearance Kitey's Worldwide Tour
Current Ruler Chariot
Location Type City
Mangrove Mall

Honeyflow River

Notable Resident(s)

Dr. Shellheim


Mangrove City is the main location of the Kitey series. The city is built around a giant mangrove tree and is populated by all four of the main species of Ya Vilk.


=Mangrove Mall

Mangrove Mall is a giant mall which supplies many items from around the world of Ya Vilk. The mall is a extremely big place and even has a lab in which Dr. Shellheim lives in. The area has wind chutes which creates Wind Streams that allow fast travel for objects brought to life that are made of very light materials so they can get around the area very easily.

Honeyflow River

See here.

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