B&M Mandy
Full Name Mandy
Location Endsville
Class Anti-Hero
Main Villain
Dark Queen
Family and Relations
Billy (friend)
Grim Reaper (forced friend)
Main Weapon(s) Whatever weapon she can find.
Punishment is its own reward.
One of Mandy's intro quotes

Mandy is a major character in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. She desires to be a "dark and terrible queen"; thus, she searches for any chances to achieve this goal.

Mandy is so evil that she can intimidate anyone into slavery; some even say she is the devil in human form. She rarely ever smiles, and the balance of existence is thrown off course when she does.

Appearances Edit

Vicinity SagaEdit

Mandy is a recurring antagonist in the saga. In Cartoon Network: Legacy, she tries to take advantage of Virus so she can take over the universe.

She returns in Millennium, where she is working with Sedusa to wreak havoc.

Multiversal Silver Spurs seriesEdit

Mandy has been confirmed to play a major part in the second film, as the sole survivor of the old Spursverse's destruction.