Join me, Finn. Join me and I will build you a set of heavy-duty armor. Then, you will discover what it's like to be part of Astronomonov Industries. HA HA HA! HA HA HA HA HA!
Mandark, Destination Timewarp: An Adventure Time/Dexter's Laboratory Crossover

Dex mandark 174x252
his render
Full Name Mandark Astronomonov
Current Age a bit older, than Dexter
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status alive
Family and Relations
Dee Dee-love interest
Ice King-ally
Pr. Calamitous-ally
Bling Bling Boy-ally
Ability/ies high IQ,
Voice Actor(s)
Suzy, Suzan, King of Darkness, Lovechild
First Appearance Dexter's Rival, 1996
Susan "Mandark" Astronomonov is the main antagonist of the '90s cartoon Dexter's Laboratory. He has a dark red, evil-looking lab where he makes diabolical machines for power. He frequently attempts to destroy his nemesis Dexter.


Destination Timewarp

Mandark appears in this game as the possible main antagonist. He has built a device that will create time holes between Dexter's and Finn's realms, and said heroes must join forces to stop him.

The Mysterious Five Project

Mandark is the servant of Degenerator in this game, who helps her find a way to use Irregular's energy.

After beating his third boss battle, he is unlocked as a playable character.

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