Manager Joe
Manager Joe in WarioWare: Touched.
Full Name Manager Joe
Gender Male
Location Diamond City
Current Status Alive
Mona, Diamond City, Mona Pizza

Manager Joe is a dog businessman and owner of the Mona Pizza store that is in Diamond City. Mona is a part-time employee that works there.

Mona's Pizza Jingle

This here is Mona Pizza!
Makers of the world's best eatsa!
Fresh sauce and cheese galore,
Brought straight to your front door! (Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!)

This here is Mona Pizza! (Buon giorno!)
Makers of all tasty treatsa! (Buono!)
Our pie's crispy, crunchy crust, (Bellissima!)
Leaves others in the dust. (Mamma mia!)

Grab a hot slice and take a big bite!
It's so good that you'll start a fight,
For more Mona Pizza! (I'm the manager of this joint!)
Mona Pizza! (My name is Joe!)
Mona Pizza! (It's-a pizza art!)
Mona Pizza! (I said-a pizza art!)

We represent Pizza Dinosaur!
We got the most stores in the world!
Our crust is tough and our sauce is thin,
But we're everywhere so you gotta give in!

Mona Pizza's got nothing on us,
'Cause we've got 6,000 stores plus!
Pizza Dinosaur!
Pizza Dinosaur!