Mama Yoshi is a Mario's Adventures episode.


Yoshi says that he's never seen eggs before. Soon he finds a Yoshiling stranded in the gap of a mountain and tells it a story how Yoshi finds Yoshiling. Soon Yoshiling breaks open from a egg and says to Yoshi, "Mama." Soon back to the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshiling yells, "Yoshiling think Yoshi mama! HAHAHAHAHA!". Yoshi says, "Sure I do with ya saying mama." Back in the story, Yoshiling cries in a lower pitched voice, "WAAAAAAAAAH!" Yoshi cheers it up. "What's the matter, babbie. Are ya hungry" "Mama Yoshi," says Yoshiling and they find Mario and Luigi. "Guys, this is Yoshiling. He's the babbie donosaur ya never seen before." And they find Birdo trapped. Soon they defeat Boshi and save Birdo. After the story, Yoshi and Yoshiling kiss.

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