Malos is a supervillain in the Star Universe, and is the SU equivalent of Satan. He is the Ogre's biological father and archnemesis. He first appeared in Ogre.


Malos was born from all the greed, lust, pride, gluttony, wrath, envy, and sloth in the world morphing into a living creature. Only a mindless beast after birth, Malos went on a rampage and destroyed Earth. Alphos defeated the monster and banished him to Hell. During his banishment, Malos created his own dimension and "stole" planets from our universe, only to eat them. In the year 1982, he transformed into an attractive human and met Nadia. He raped her, creating their son. He was then sealed in a dark, lifeless dimension where he couldn't use his powers. He managed to break free thanks to Russell turning into the Ogre for the first time.


Powers and abilities

Game appearances


  • Malos's name comes from the word malus, which is Latin for "evil."

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