SSB Pushmo Series
Universe Pushmo
Availability Starter
Final Smash Reset

This page is about Mallo in Super Smash Bros. Combat only! For the character in other contexts, see Mallo.

Mallo is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combat, and is unlocked from the start. Mallo is a friendly cat dressed as a Sumo Wrestler who spends his days pushing and pulling blocks in a place called Pushmo Park, occasionally having to rescue children stuck on top of the Pushmos, which are the collections of blocks. Mallo is a heavy fighter who's main strength is his small size, only being about the size of Olimar. Mallo moves at a moderate pace, and can jump surprisingly high for someone of his weight. Mallo, like fellow fighter Little Mac, is trash in the air, due to his weak aerial attacks and his fast fall-speed, despite his good recovery. Mallo's fighting style is primarily based around Sumo techniques in addition to techniques based on Pushmo. 


  • Standard Special - Jump Slam - Mallo reaches out to grab an opponent. If this attack connects, Mallo holds the opponent above his head. The longer the button is held, the harder Mallo then proceeds to slam the opponent headfirst into the ground by jumping upwards. Opponents can get stuck into the ground following this attacks.
  • Side Special - Block Move - Mallo spawns a block that he grabs onto. He can either push it forwards across the stage for damage, or he can hurl it backwards for a surprise attack. 
  • Up Special - Carrier Bird - A bird picks up Mallo and carries him upwards. This is a great method of recovery, in addition to being a great attack. When the bird drops Mallo, he can smash into the stage to cause a tremor. The farther he falls, the larger the tremor. The tremor can send opponents flying.
  • Down Special - Shockwave - Mallo raises his leg up before slamming it into the ground. This attack causes a shockwave can paralyze opponents, in addition to launching Mallo into the air.
  • Final Smash - Reset - Mallo jumps on a switch in the center of the stage, causing an assortment of blocks to fall quickly from the top of the stage. Opponents must dodge the blocks in order to not be sent flying.

Victory Theme World Progress Report

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