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Mallo makes his first smash appearence in Super Smash Bros. Brutal Duel. He will use elements from Pushmo to attack, specifically the editor mode.

Special Moves

  • B: Block Place: Mallo places a block in front of him and it will drop on an opponent right in front of him. If you press B next to the block and move, he can also pull the block three spaces ahead or backwards. The block will disappear when you press B not next to the block or after 10 sec.
  • Side B: Rewind: Mallo will rewind himself to wear he was a second a go and do a kick. This move will not work if the player just used the Up B.
  • Up B: Manhole: Mallo will jump into a man hole and another one will appear in the direction you aim at, and he will jump out the second manhole.
  • Down B: Trash Can: Mallo will drop a trash can and any item thrown at it will go into the trash can. If Mallo or an opponent attacks the trash can enough all of the items will come out. It will dissapear after 10 sec.
  • Final Smash: Reset Switch: Mallo will hit a reset switch and all of his damage will go away. Note: It takes him a little bit longer to open a smash ball.

Pallete Swaps

Red- Normal
Black- Based off the guy from the Training Area

Purple- Based off Papa Blox
Green- One of the pushmo you save
Blue- One of the Pushmo you save
Yellow- One of the Pushmo you save
White- One of the Pushmo you save
Pink- One of the Pushmo you save


Up Taunt- A fist made of blocks appears in front of Mallo and has the finger signal the opponent towards Mallo Side Taunt- Puts a flag down and it dissappears Down Taunt- Has a child in his hand and throws him upward a tiny bit.

Victory Theme

Pushmo Puzzle Theme 202:44

Pushmo Puzzle Theme 2

Theme up until 0:05

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