Malise ¼M
Malise's first artwork.
Current Age 21 (Hound Years)
Gender Female
Location The Endless Forest
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Vulnerable To Water, Galaxy
First Appearance ¼ and ♫: Legends of The Forest
Latest Appearance ¼ and ♫ 3D
Malise is a young female Forest Hound and is a heroine in ¼ and ♫. She has appeared in all the ¼ and ♫ series installments, excluding the subseries ¼ and ♫ Tales and the indie spinoff ¼ and ♫ Online Adventure. She will appear in ¼ and ♫ 3D.


¼ and ♫

¼ and ♫ 2

¼ and ♫ 3

¼ and ♫ 3D


  • Malise was going to be playable in the cancelled ¼ and ♫ 3: O' Lost Lands for Nintendo GameCube.
  • If Malise was the same color as she was meant to be, gray, she would have been on Caktical's side.

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