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Jumping on the bandwagon 6-18 months after it's left!
...nobody actually ever said this.

Malicious Melody/Hostile Harmony is a side work of New Age. It is a line of music albums released by 1337doom (tbc). The name is a reference to Cadaverous Chord, and it's planned series, Sinister Song. However, it is about a lot of other things too.

Planned Albums

I don't know if I'll be able to make all of this. hey maybe if I feel overwhelmed you guys could help me! :D - Leet

  • Perilous Playlist - cadaverous chord album
    • PART I: STORY (songs about CC)
      • Echo - song about echo ben
      • Tempo - song about tempo gabe
      • Dead Memento - song about the ghosts
    • PART II: THE FOURTH WALL (songs about CCRedux)
      • Echo Redux - glitched-up version of Echo
      • Helpful Informant - song about Redux narrator
      • Monoboom - song about... editing the pages??
  • One Chilly November Day: "> Ponder the barren state of your respiteblock." - an OCND album gasp. The song titles and album title are all taken from commands in the comic!
    • "> Wonder...why anyone would name their son Leet" - song about me yay
    • "> Hallucinate there are turntables and a Terezi there..." - really weird song about Terezi not existing
    • "> Confront your nemesis": - song about Rhys and JT's mom strifing
    • "> Constipated Bluhshirt" - song about Jon!
    • "END OF ACT 1" - little ending theme. (Actually, the bit with Jon actually happened in Act 2, so "> Constipated Bluhshirt" really shouldn't be in this album...)

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