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MalevolANT is the 6th episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It first aired in October 5 2013. The story is when Roshan tries to become more bitter and rebel due to several fan mail he read.


  • SSFF
  • GIRL
  • RAVI
  • WASP
  • Coo Koo Clux
  • Queen Aleena
  • Captian Salt
  • Hip and Hop
  • Dr. Tron
  • Blood Teeth Gang (Main Antagonists)


Roshan notices his team is reading fan mail fans wrote to them on the computer. When he gets to read some of his, he sees all the messages saying he is a "boring nerd" and even heard his friends talking about the fact that he is, angering him. The next day at class, Roshan tries to become more bitter to prove he is not a nerd, only to get a detention after he irritates Coo Koo Clux during math period. Robin is worried of what Roshan is doing, and she and her friends saw Roshan hanging out with a gang of space bikers called the "Blood Teeth Gang"; with the members are Tham the snake, Crush the alligator, Glug the pig and Rocko the wolverine.

Roshan explains that he has new friends and that he tells the SSFF about what he heard them say last night. The team try to apologize but Roshan leaves with the Blood Teeth Gang. Together, Roshan and the Blood Teeth Gang go cause crimes such as robbing banks, destroying space ships, attacking markets and even doing graffiti. Later on, Rocko organizes a plan to steal Galaxian High's treasure that is hidden in Captain Salt's office. Because Roshan has been to Galaxian High, the Blood Teeth Gang chooses him how to get around the ship. The operation begins at midnight, with the school closed, Roshan leads the Blood Teeth to Salt's office where they realized the treasure is hidden inside a safe under the desk. They steal all the wealth in the safe, only to tip off alarms that wake up the other teams.

Roshan and the Blood Teeth Gang make a run for it, fighting the Blue Ants, teams and even the SSFF. Robin tries to convince Roshan what he is doing his wrong and he should surrender so she won't hurt him, but due to being pressured by his new "friends", Roshan punches Robin which knocks her on the ground and he and the Blood Teeth escape. In the Blood Teeth's hideout, Roshan was upset at himself for punching Robin and goes into a deep depression. Meanwhile, Dr. Tron can't locate the Blood Teeth Gang anywhere on the radar, with the SSFF comforting a crying Robin who is upset at Roshan.

The next morning, the Blood Teeth Gang woke up to see Blue Ant Soldiers surrounding their hideout and call for Roshan to help them. It turns out Roshan actually called the Blue Ants to come and they arrest the Blood Teeth Gang, however Roshan tries to turn himself in for stealing Salt's money but Robin runs over and kisses him for doing the right thing. Roshan now wants to go back to the SSFF, now that he learned that it doesn't matter what people say about you.

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