Make 'n' Glide is an open-world sandbox game released for the JoyCon in 2020 that focuses on building flying vehicles and exploring a planet.


The game revolves around you collecting parts as you travel around a planet and building flying vehicles out of them. You start with a few basic parts which can be used to make a small glider, which will allow to travel to new places and look for parts. The overall aim of the game is to collect twelve Magic Keys scattered across the planet which allow you to upgrade your pilot.

There are many obstacles in the game, one being the ability of your vehicle. Every vehicle has flaws, and you can expect to crash many vehicles in your adventures, forcing you to rebuild.

There are also Sky Pirates who will attempt to steal your ship, so make sure to arm yourself!


Expelled from the Aviators' Academy on Earth for accidentally destroying the Project Showcase, a young pilot flies his plane up into the clouds and discovers another world, a vast planet teeming with wildlife. His plane crashes and he meets a young alien who agrees to help him build a new one. However, soon the link that connects Earth and this world will disappear unless the Magic Keys can be found. The two set out to find the keys, meeting new crew members along the way.

Finally, after collecting the Twelve Keys, the pilot must battle Skybeard, the leader of the Sky Pirates, who wants the Keys to himself. After skilfully avoiding his cannons and taking down his ship, the pilot bids farewell to his alien friends and returns home. He is invited back to the academy after rebuilding everyone else's projects with his newfound knowledge.

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