Makayla Remake
The cute, bubbly next door neighbor is the love of Skip's life!
Full Name Makayla
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Tree Frog
Location Sunny Villa
Align Good
Current Status Active
Class Ally
Sqak's neighbor
Skip's love interest
Fluffy's owner
Family and Relations
Skip (Boyfriend)
Fluffy Cuddles (Pet)
Priscilla Priceless (Rival)
Voice Actor(s)
Kath Soucie (Sunny Villa Adventures)
Eye color Blue
Hair color White
First Appearance Skip and Sqak
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Makayla is a Main Character in the Skip and Sqak reboot series. She is Sqak's left neighbor as well as Skip's caring girlfriend. She, along with her friends, is a member of the Sunny Villa Island Defenders.


Makayla is the sweet, caring love interest to Skip who both love mangoes and strolling around the peaceful jungle in Sunny Villa. She sometimes acts motherly to Skip, since he was hatched as an orphan raised by Sqak.

Main History

Skip and Sqak

In her debut, Makayla lets Skip and Sqak take a look at some concept art in her manor. In the credits, it is shown that Skip and Makayla are having a romantic relationship after saving Sunny Villa.

Skip and Sqak 2

Makayla makes a return in the sequel where she drives her tank vehicle, the "Road Lord", to transport Skip and Sqak down the road.

Skip and Sqak World


Skip and Sqak Eclipse


Other Appearances

Skip and Sqak Racing

Makayla appears as a starter playable character and a member of Team Sunny. In this game, Makayla wears a violet-themed biker outfit. Her sole vehicle is the Ribbon Ripper.