Major League Battles is a turn-based Strategy/War game made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc) for the Wii. It takes elements from the 5 Major sports leagues in North America (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, and Soccer) and adds war like qualities to them. You then use these to eliminate the enemy team.

Gameplay & Controls

The game uses the Wii Remote held sideways. You control a group of 4 look-alikes as you use your sports-based weaponry to take down the enemy. There are 9 different groups, and they're all mini versions of 3 NFL, NHL, and MLB teams' mascots. You are on a 2D map and move across it as such.

  • Control Pad - Move/Aim
  • B Button - Select Attack
  • 1 Button - Activate Attack
  • 2 Button - Jump



This group consists of mini versions of the Toronto Maple Leafs' mascot, Carlton the Polar Bear. He is a small white bear with a Leafs sweater.

The Trumpets

Consists of mini Oakland Athletics' mascot, Stomper. He is an elephant with an Athletics jersey.

Seeing Stars

Made up of mini Pat Patriot's, the mascot of the New England Patriots. They look like mini red, white, and blue revolutionary minutemen.


Made up of mini Big Red's, the mascot of the NFL's Arizona Cardinals. they are small cardinals with the Arizona jersey.


Fast Grenade

The player throws an exploding baseball at an enemy.

Sentry Pitcher

When this is placed, any enemy that walks by it will get pelted with baseballs.


The player will kick a soccer ball in an arc, and when it touches ground, it will explode.

Kamikaze Quarterback

You will put on a football helmet, and then charge into the enemy, causing damage while running and cause one big hit when you hit a wall.

Bouncy 'Nade

A basketball will be thrown at the enemy and will bounce 4 times before exploding.

Football Drill

The player will stand on a football, then spin around on it, drilling into the ground.

Rest TBA...



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