SMG 026

Major Burrows' Card.

Major Burrows is the supposed leader of the Undergrunts. He is very big, and wears a blue, spiny shell helmet on his head. He currently lives/fights in the Gusty Garden Galaxy.


Super Mario MHL

He appears in Super Mario MHL as a playable character. He keeps his appearance from Super Mario Galaxy and strangely, Monty Moule's galaxy appearance does not appear. Major Burrows is rescaled to about the size of DK, being so big in Super Mario Galaxy. His number is 36.

Goomsday Wii

Burrows comes down to earth in the new game Goomsday Wii. Summoned by the Super Scepter, Burrows built a deadly Super Castle: Fort Banzai. After Waluigi and his pals reach him, Major Burrows hops in a Monty Tank. His helmet prevents stomping, so you must use a different approach. One way is to use Waluigi's Cheating to ride one of the Bullet Bills the Tank fires, then steer it to hit Burrows. Also, Bowser Jr. can scramble under the Tank and strike up through it using his Magic Paintbrush. The next boss is Gooper Blooper.

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