Main Street (SSBV Stage)
Main Street
SSB Animal Crossing Series
Universe Animal Crossing
Availability Starter
Competitive Status Legal

Main Street is a new stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. V. It is based off Main Street in Animal Crossing: New Lead.


The stage just like Smashville and Town and City is very straightforward. There are 2 complementing platforms on each side of the stage that move up and down. In the background various buildings can be seen andy different activites between the civilians are occuring. During the day, there's a visible rainbow in the sky. At dawn, birds can be seen flying in V formation. At night, a meteor shower can be seen.

Ω Omega Version (Final Destination Version)

The Omega Version of the stage is the exact same stage without the platforms.

α Alpha Version (Battlefield Version)

The Alpha Version is Omega Version with 3 complementing platforms.



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