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SSB Kid Icarus Series
Magnus brings the Might!
Universe Kid Icarus
Other Super Smash Bros. Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Gaol

Magnus (マグナ, Maguna "Magna") appears as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. V, revealed in a reveal trailer along with Hades after the Kid Icarus: Eminence trailer on February 1, 2019.

“He is the strongest of the human race and a master swordsman. He used to be close friends with Dark Lord Gaol but now expresses hostility towards her. Magnus fights alongside Pit in Chapter 2 and is briefly playable in Chapter 18, where the player, quite literally, takes control of him. Finally, he appears in Chapter 24 as Dyntos' second trial for Pit, where he and Gaol fight against Pit before Pseudo-Palutena does.

Magnus can be described as being much more serious than Pit but also has a habit of expressing sarcasm in certain situations. Sometimes, his sarcastic remarks are even taken seriously by Pit. For example, when the two characters first meet, Magnus say, "So you're here for a slice of the pie too," (referring to fighting Gaol) to which Pit responds "Huh? Pie? Where?" In addition, Magnus is also much more experienced in battle and knowledge of his enemies. While Pit may be quick to fall for traps set by the Underworld Army, Magnus can usually spot them beforehand.”

He is confirmed to have no alternate costume.

For his appearance in SSBV, he retains his voice actors from his games, Fred Tatasciore and Kenji Nomura in Japanese.



Very Strong

Heavy meaning he can’t be KOed easily

Many KO options

Fast faller


Pretty slow all around

Low jump

Fast faller

Quite some lag on some key moves


Magnus is very similar attribute wise to Ike. He’s much stronger, heavier and plays much differently though. He has a ton of KO options making him good at in the long run. He’s pretty slow but not Ganondorf slow, but still slow, so he may not be able to keep up with the faster characters. Because of this, patience is gonna be the key with the faster characters as he can KO them pretty easily with his powerful attacks. His specials are pretty strong as well. His Mighty Spin bears a resemblance to DK’s Wind Tornado and can be used to pressure opponents and also recover. Again, patience is the key to success with Magnus. An Ike main could probably pick up Magnus with little problems.


Ground AttacksEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack 3%, 3%, 6% 3 hits. Swings sword diagonally then horizontally, then slams it down.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 7% Kicks forward holding sword up in the air.
Forward Tilt 5% Punches hand forward.
Up Tilt 1% (grab), 6% (slam) Throws hand in the air then swings it down. Opponents hit will be slammed down leading to follow ups.
Down Tilt 9% Swipes sword downwards.
Forward Smash 14%, 11% (late) Headbutts the enemy.
Up Smash 19% (clean), 12% (late) Double Hit. Slashes then slashes upwards in a uppercut-like manner.
Down Smash 15% Swings sword around.

Aerial AttacksEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Aerial 10% (clean), 7% (late) Spins around with sword.
Forward Aerial 10% Kicks forward.
Back Aerial 15% Slams his sword backwards. Good KO power.
Up Aerial 12% Swings sword upwards. Good KO power.
Down Aerial 16% Swings sword downwards initiating a powerful meteor smash on contact. Pretty slow to come out, though.

Grabs and ThrowsEdit

Name Damage Description
Pummel 2.7% *Grabs with one hand, short range* Hits opponent with hilt of sword.
Forward Throw 6% Throws opponent forward.
Back Throw 2% (throw), 1% (catch), 5% (slam) Throws opponent back catches them then slams them down.
Up Throw 8% Throws opponent upwards in an underhand manner. KOs at 150%+
Down Throw 7% Slams opponent down as they bounce up leading to a possible follow up.


Name Damage Description
Floor Attack (front) 7% Swings sword forward.
Floor Attack (back) 8% Swings sword around.
Floor Attack (trip) 5% Swings sword.
Edge Attack 7% Gets up attacking with sword.

Special AttacksEdit

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Shockwave 8% Magnus stands in place and swings his sword above which produces shock waves that hit anything above him dealing massive damage and an electrified effect. Paralyzes occasionally. Good anti-air attack.
Alternate 1 Flame Wave 7% Leaves Magnus much more vulnerable but leaves those hit with a burn that lasts 5 seconds (1% damage each second). Good anti-air attack.
Alternate 2 Wind Wave 7% Produces a wind box and much faster than the regular shockwave. Good anti-air attack.
Side Special Mighty Spin 4% (1st hit, ground), 3% (1st hit, air), 15% (2nd hit, ground), 12% (2nd hit, air) Spins around with sword producing a wind effect similar to Donkey Kong’s Kong Cyclone. Can be used as leverage by rapidly tapping B, similar to the Mario Tornado.
Alternate 1 Spin Thrust 11% Thrusts forward rapidly with one spin. Does damage. Windbox is weaker.
Alternate 2 Gradual Spin 5% (1st hit, ground), 4% (1st hit, air), 16% (2nd hit, ground), 13% (2nd hit, air) Spins much slower with less range but the wind box is a bit stronger.
Up Special Massive Pressure 12% Slams sword downwards sending him upwards. The pressure and power of the slam is so strong it allows him to actually hit air. If used on ground produces a shock wave radius that damages nearby foes. Meteor smash on direct contact. Good KO move at higher percentages. Average range.
Alternate 1 Wind Rise 9% Massive that sends a mini tornado downwards which propels him upwards. The tornado has a wind box which can push opponents downwards slightly. Contact does less damage.
Alternate 2 Magna Cutter 9% Zips upwards in a diagonal route through sheer will-power. Can hit anything during the animation.
Down Special Thunder Quake 15% (direct contact), 9% (shock wave) Slams sword on the ground producing a Shock Wave across the ground, that can paralyze enemies. Initiates a meteor smash on contact if used on opponent below in midair.
Alternate 1 Mighty Quake 17% (direct contact), 13% (shock wave) Sacrifices range and paralyze effects for much more power on the wave radius. Initiates a meteor smash on contact if used on opponent below in midair.
Alternate 2 Club Protection 13% Magnus plants his sword down and instead of doing damage, it reflects projectiles and attacks. Can hit opponents in midair but does not initiate a meteor smash.
Final Smash Gaol Shadow Blast: 14% His childhood friend Gaol appears. She gets in the Dark Lord suit of armor and begins to fire large Shadow Blasts in all directions that deal massive damage and knockback for a period of time. Magnus can move around without being damaged and attack.

Animations and Misc.Edit


About the same height as Palutena.


SIDE - Takes his battle stance and says, “What a happy family.” (referring to his sword and him)

UP - Shrugs and says, “Are you even trying?”

DOWN - Squats down and says, “Man, I need to take a breather.”

Character Selection Screen AnimationEdit

Magnus is seen placing his sword on his shoulder.

On Screen AppearanceEdit

Crashes down from above onto knee, sword in ground.

Victory AnimationsEdit

Magnus swings his sword around them slams it in the air forward aggressively.

A dog jumps on Magnus' back holding a ring in its mouth, which Magnus takes and looks at quizzically.

Magnus swings his sword around puts it down doing a similar pose to that of his artwork, and says “THAT’S how it’s done.”

Losing AnimationEdit

Magnus is seen clapping with his sword in the ground.

Crowd CheerEdit

“Mag - nus!”

Victory ThemeEdit

Flourished remix of Magnus’s Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Pretty much any portion can be used and remixed.

Fighting StanceEdit

Stands hunched with Sword on the ground.

Idle PosesEdit

Points sword forward.

Drops sword in ground, then folds his arms.


Walks forward holding sword with one hand.


Runs while holding sword off the ground with both hands.

Palette Swaps and Alternate Costume w/Palette SwapEdit

Color Origin/Description
Locked First
Locked Second

Reveal TrailerEdit

Forces of Might

The Reveal Trailer begins showing a figure crouching on the ground looking at something. It is revealed that Fox is watching the figure from afar. The figure appears to have begun movement away from the area. At that moment Fox whispers to someone that is revelead to be Pit that they can approach the figure. Pit, at the moment, is not carrying any weapon. They get ambushed by Twinbellows at that very moment and the figure comes to their rescue and makes quick work of Twinbellows. Fox and Pit take their hands away from their eyes and come face to face with the figure who is revealed to be Magnus. Magnus puts his sword down and says, "Angel Boy! I see you've, uh...made a new friend?". Then comes the promo - "Magnus brings the Might!". Pit then tells Magnus how glad he is to see him. Fox then proceeds to introduce himself. Magnus then says "Yeah, there's no time for introductions. I was told about some strange happenings going on around here and I decided to come see what was going on." Fox and Pit then tell him that that's exactly why they were there in the first place. Pit then states that they were not expecting any enemies. Then Magnus tells them he was stalking a figure that appeared to be Hades. Pit, surprised, says that there's no way that Hades has shrunk and that he was defeated by him. Magnus then tells them that he thought the same and tells them to follow him as he knows where he was headed. As they're walking in a forest they then hear sudden loud footsteps behind them. They turn to see a figure smiling, eyes shaded out. Fox then takes out his blaster and begins to fire at the figure. The figure steps out completely taking in all the shots and is revealed to Hades smiling. Hades then laughs and asks what that was supposed to be and he goes into a laughing fit as the 3 look on. At that point, Palutena begins to speak to Pit, telling him that she's going to take on Hades herself and at point she warps to the scene. Hades then says, "You're here as well, Pretty Palutena?". Palutena then says that she has no clue how he's resurrected and she makes a joke about how he's shrunk to a lower height. This sends Hades into a rage and charges up a dark aura and then comes the promo - "Hades, The Lord of the Underworld!". Palutena then tells the other 3 to stand back as she's going to take on Hades herself, Pit, weaponless, and Fox decide to stand back but Magnus steps forward and says that there's no way he's gonna watch. At that point, Hades charges at them, then Palutena and Magnus proceed.

Then comes the gameplay. Hades and Magnus are shown using various of their attacks while voice overs of Pit, Fox, Palutena, Hades, and Magnus are being played. Their palette swaps are also shown off in this portion and thier final smashes are then shown off. The post-trailer scene shows Hades in the background with his arms folded while looking up at the sky while Pit, Palutena, Magnus, and Fox are seen sitting down looking pretty tired. After the trailer gameplay of a match between Pit, Magnus, Fox, and Ganondorf on the new stage Zodiac Chamber is shown off revealing the stage.