Magnetic Mario is one of Mario's forms when he gets near a Magnet Mushroom or a Magnet Flower.

In this form, Mario is able to climb metalic walls. He can also can attract nearby coins, metalic objects and metalic enemies. When atract someting, he can pull it off, destroying it. Also he can sink easily to the bottom of any body of water with metalic ground (only metalic grounds). If the player touches on electric enemies or thigs, he loses the power-up.


Super Mario 3D Challenge

Magnetic Mario Concept Artwork
In Super Mario 3D Challenge, all the playable characters can get a Magnet Mushroom and transform into their Magnetic forms. Unlike in Super Mario World 3D, they don't have a magnet in their hand, but have a metalic body that remember the Magnet Mushroom. Also they can sink easily to the bottom of any body of water with metalic ground, and when atract someting (such as metalic objects and enemies), they can pull it off, destroying it or using it as a weapon to throw it at other things. The power-up is used to defeat the boss of World 6-Castle: King Fizzliater, the leader of the Fizzlit species.

Super Mario World 3D

Magnet Wario SMW3D
In Super Mario World 3D only Wario could turn metallic and become Magnetic Wario by using a Magnet Flower. He has a magnet as hand, he is able to attract nearby coins and is able to climb metallic walls.

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