Magma Sentinels is a Fantendoverse game for The V², and the Frostover  that is based off of the game Borderlands. The game follows the Magma Sentinels to stop the havoc a mysterious entity has been creating. The game features a wide array of weapons, and a large map, filled with exploration.

Main Story

The Magma Sentinels have been noticing a strange happening with even more enemies invading them, specifically a group of monsters who call themselves 'Bermuda Beasts'. A group (or one person) sets off to find why this is happening, and who is doing this. While exploring out of base, they are ambushed by a group of raiders and captured, being put in a 'jail' in some former Sentelenium mine. The raiders then begin to prepare the Magma Sentinels for a sacrifice, and they begin to try to find a way to break out. They escape and then leave the base, heading off deeper into the cave.

They then stumble across a Magmawrt hive, and find themselves face-to-face with the well-known lethal Magmawrt, Breakjaw. After defeating Breakjaw they keep on moving and finally find the exit out of the cave, finding themselves in The Outside. After some exploring in The Outside the Sentinels find themselves in Scarred's trap, and have no other choice then to fight him.


Magma Sentinels resembles Borderlands through the gameplay, utilising about the same controls and about the same skill tree formula. Though Magma Sentinels is different as each area only has one major boss (excluding Raid Bosses) per major area, except for The Vortex Room, which contains two major bosses. Other 'minor' bosses are usually not specified as bosses, but seem stronger, most minor bosses are also from existing species, aswell.

Once the game is beaten, Breakjaw turns into a raid boss, and once Raid Boss Breakjaw is defeated, Scarred becomes a raid boss, and it continues on until the final boss is considered a 'Raid Boss'. Once the game is beaten, aswell, a new island labelled 


Showcase Teaser

There is an echoing laughter that gets louder when the teaser starts up, but suddenly stops as it flashes to a white room, with a twitching Four. Smoke is blasting from his head and he is shaking intensely. His eyes flash open as everything goes black. It then cuts to Mt. Sentinel, then to King Ash, Birnstone, and Graveltone together. They all nod as they look out onto the horizon.

Playable Characters

Character Description
King Ash
The most balanced out of the three, he mostly uses Legendary Blades and his special power, known as Chosen Blade, which unleashes an array of magic swords outward, dealing massive damage.
Birnstone, the fastest of the three, but gives up some defense for that. She uses bows and sometimes even guns. Her special attack is Phoenix Arrow, which allows her to shoot a flaming arrow that splits into four, and penetrates. Phoenix Arrows last 30 seconds, and then stop.
Graveltone, the slowest character, but the strongest if used correctly. He usually wields hammers and large weapons. His special attack is Bezerk, which boosts all of his stats temporarily.


See Magma Sentinels (game)/Quests


Boss Description Attack Pattern
Breakjaw A giant Magmawrt who has learned how to walk on two legs, and has immense strength.  It is fought during the quest Broken Jaw. Breakjaw will lunge flaming rocks at the player continuously for a few seconds, making him pretty much invincible. He will then vomit out acidic fluid, this is when he is most vunerable. He will then hop up on a high rock after taking enough damage and Magmawrt Pups will arise, the process will then repeat.
Scarred A rebel Magma Sentinel who was banished from Mt. Sentinel, and plans his revenge on the residents, King Ash especially.

Scarred will continuosly charge at the player with a massive sword, bringing it down and causing a line of fire to shoot forward. After taking a few hits he will either swing around and shoot fireballs everywhere, or slam his sword downward and create a circle of fire pillars that launch outward.

Scarred will summon other rebel Magma Sentinels and will grow wings, flying around and shooting 'mini napalms' down at the player. Once all the minions are defeated Scarred will begin to glide from the ground and shoot more mini napalms, once he shoots enough he will land to take a breather and can then be attacked.

Daddy Glopfish TBA TBA
Mecha-Allaworm TBA TBA
'King' Raidread TBA TBA
Emperor Flostbilt TBA TBA
The Brain TBA TBA
Multi-Dimensional Nebula Serpent TBA TBA
Former Four TBA TBA
Robotaur TBA TBA
Four Point Two TBA TBA
Vortex, Consumer of Worlds TBA TBA

'Revised' Bosses

Revised Bosses are Raid Bosses, but stronger versions of the original bosses you fight during the game, though some are replaced by different bosses.

Boss Description Attack Pattern
Mutated Breakjaw TBA TBA
Strange Being TBA


Grandpa Glopfish TBA TBA
Allaomaga TBA TBA
'Overlord' Raidread TBA TBA
Robo Frostbilt TBA TBA
The Monitor TBA TBA
Multi-Dimensional Space Turtle TBA TBA
Supercharged Four TBA TBA
Minotaur TBA TBA
Four Point Three TBA TBA
Possessed Vortex Corpse TBA TBA


Location Description Enemy Level Span Notable Areas
Magma Chamber
The 'hub' of the game, where most of the later-game quests and shops are located. The Magma Chamber is a wide area located in Mt. Sentinel N/A
SteamCog's Item Shop
A small run-down shop run by a robot programmed to have the backstory of a 'steampunk pirate'. The main shop of the game.
The Core
The main 'fast travel' in the game, a massive reddish-blue ball residing in a closed off area.
Mt. Sentinel
The volcano where Magma Chamber is located. Mt. Sentinel might not have many enemies it has many NPCs. Lvl 1-6
Yetas' Hut
A small little hut where the first initial quests are gathered, owned by Yetas.
A hut put up by King Ash, this is where the game starts.
The Outside A ring-like shaped area that surrounds the outside of Mt. Sentinel. While it is NPC-deserted it has many enemies. Lvl 5-19
Lava Caves
A large area of intersecting cave paths, ending with a massive ravine of lava.
Raider Canyon
A massive raider base, filled with massive cannons and everything
River of Lava A long river that contains many enemies that reside in lava, the Pahoehoe Dream also travels down this River. Lvl 13-22
Pahoehoe Dream
A boat that travels throughout the River of Lava and sells many items, mostly vanity items. Though they sometimes sell exclusive limited weapons.
Glopfish Lake
A large-ish circle area containing many rare glopfish, and maybe even a hidden blaster, also has Daddy Glopfish in it.
Crater Wasteland A large area that takes up most of the Fuegroh island. It includes a few small towns and alot of enemies.

Lvl 21-32(Pre-End)

Lvl 45-62 (Post-End)

Orion's Crater
A massive crater, deeper then all the others. Which contains a sealed stone that can only be broken by chosen fighters.


Mt. Bluefrost An extinct volcano, and the Magma Sentinel's former volcano. It is filled with many raiders and enemies. It is also the entrance to Glacier Ghost City. Lvl 24-36
Glacier Ghost City A large, populated area filled with Glacier Ghost NPCs. There are enemies residing in caves branching off from the city, but not much more enemies anywhere else. Lvl 35-42
The Tower A massive, enemy filled tower that is 58 floors tall, with the final floor starting the 'Beginning of the End'

Lvl 41-48 (Pre-End)

Lvl 50-68(Post-End)

Everfrost Nebula A wave of frozen-space rocks that hold a population of legendary Glacier Ghosts. Lvl 46-56
The Fourtress A play on the words Four and Fortress. The entrance to Four's mighty lair. Lvl 54-57
Sentelenium Maze A massive maze constructed of Sentelenium. Lvl 56-61
The Vortex Room The final main room of the Main story, and the room containing the final boss. Lvl 61-68


See Magma Sentinels (game)/Weapons


Magma Sentinels Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
King Ash Badge
Unlocked when you reach Level 20 as King Ash in Magma Sentinels.


  • It has been confirmed by the creator that no DLC packs are canon, including the Mini-Land packs.