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Magma Sentinels: Netherbrood is a spinoff game from the Magma Sentinels series, taking an rts spin rather than how the first game went. It features three teams in the game, the Magma Sentinels, Four's Troops, and the Netherbrood.

The game takes heavy inspiration from Starcraft and Halo Wars 2, the Netherbrood taking many characteristics of the Zerg  from Starcraft, aswell. The game was released in late 2016, aswell as being purchasable with three other games (Fantendo Smash Bros. Chrysalis, Robot Wars V, and Mothership) in an exclusive game pack. The exclusive game pack gives you a Magma Sentinels background for your V2 for free.

The game has a story mode with 10 chapters (each with 3 'missions', one for each faction) that focuses mainly around the Netherbrood, a new species that was let free from a pod in space that fell into Earth, the Magma Sentinels then try to rid it of this planet, but Four's Troops begin to get in the way.






Regular Units

Units are the movable entities (not counting the Netherbrood Queen, of course) of the game, and can be controlled. They usually come in more than one quantity, unless they are Omega Units, which can only be used in a quantity of one each.

Everfrosts can only be produced if you have claim of the Everfrost Pyramid.

Unit Description
Miner Miners are weak as hell, but they're the ones who mine the Sentelenium! When you start the game, you start out with 4 miners, but the max is 25! The more the miners, the faster the sentelenium you produce.
Mercenary Mercenaries, the most common of all, though that doesn't mean these Magma Sentinels are useless! In big armies, they can pack quite the punch. Mercenaries are armed with flaming crossbows and blades, meaning they can initiate in both ranged and melee combat. They ain't no King, but they sure as hell can make a difference!
Scout Trooper Scout Troopers are one of four units able to be produced from the Training Center, and they're amazing scouts. They are quick on their feet, but have flimsy weapons, not much of a fighter. Though, they are perfect for some bait, of course.
Archer Trooper Archer Troopers are essentially Mercenaries, except they are only ranged and have way better ranged attacks. They usually stay in the back, using their magma bows to fire a barrage of arrows at the enemies. In swarms, their arrows can absolutely destroy a group, so watch out!!
Swordsmen Trooper Magma Sentinels wielding large greatblades, these are usually at the front of the swarm, using their blades to take down anything in their way. They're quite strong but are somewhat slow, slugging along at points.
Monovehicle Monovehicles are the first land vehicles to be unlocked for the Magma Sentinels, though they only have one weapon. They're fast, being able to traverse land in a fast speed. They have one quick blaster that fires 3 shots per shot, it doesn't do much damage, though.
Bison X1 Bison X1 is a bulkier vehicle than the Monovehicle, with 1 weapon in the front and another as a turret in the back. The Bison X1 can hold 3 units, including the one who mans the turret. The turret actually fires magma balls, which can light any non-Magma Sentinel unit on fire. Upon destruction, the Bison X1 will explode, killing any unit on it.
Bison X2 Bison X2 is the newer model of the X1, being bulky but a bit faster than the old model, though losing a bit of the bulkiness. It can hold 3 units, like the old one, but has three weapons, one in the front, a sentry on the side, and a turret on the back. Like the old one, the turret in the back shoots magma balls.
Monobooster TBA
Magma Plane TBA
Sentelenium Dragon TBA
Vortex Sentinel TBA
Acidic Sentinel TBA
Beast-Tamer TBA
Heavy Sentinel TBA
Engineer TBA
Magma Mech TBA
Magma Warlord TBA
Witch Doctor TBA
Dropship TBA

Unit Description
Miner Grunts Even lower rank than regular grunts, how is this possible?! Miner Grunts can be killed in one hit, but are excellent miners. You start out with 2 miners, but the max you can get is 35! The more miners you get, the faster you earn sentelenium.
Four Grunt Ah, yes, the tiny Four Grunts. They are small and severely weak, but they have some pretty decent damage. When killed, they explode. The explosion is quite weak but it has a somewhat large radius. The grunts can only attack in melee, meaning you'll need alot of them to take down an army.

Four Grunts come in 4 each production.

Unit Description
Netherbrood Foragers These centipede-like beings scuttle across the ground, they could be squashed in one hit, but they're great at mining. You start out with 8 Netherbrood Foragers, and the max is 18! The more miners you have, the more sentelenium you earn.
Netherbrood Stalkers The main unit of the Netherbroods, and they're extremely fast, but somewhat weak. They are four-legged creatures with abnormally large arms and an 'egg-sac' of sorts in the back. In swarms, they can destroy anything in their way.

NB Stalkers come in 6 each production.

Unit Description
Everfrost Drones These things are some of the best scouts in the game, they can scan enemies for weaknesses, survey the map, and even work as miners! Though, they don't have much defense, save for a 'lightning gun' that only paralizes enemies for a second.
Everfrost Guardian TBA
Everfrost OmegaGuardian TBA
Everfrost Shaymin TBA
Everfrost Pharaoh TBA


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