Magma Sentinels are beings that are made of Lava, Volcanic Rocks, and a rare gem called Sentelenium. They were created when the original God of Glacier Ghosts was killed, and formed the first Volcano on a Sentelenium Mine. When they were created an Alpha was born on the side of the volcano, which was most known as King Molten, the first leader of the Magma Sentinels. They reside on an isolated island in the Bermuda Triangle, and have been there ever since creation.



King Ash,the current leader of the Magma Sentinels.

 The Magma Sentinels were created when the first God of Glacier Ghosts was killed, forming a volcano on a former Sentelenium Mine. When the Alpha, a 'chosen' Sentinel, was born he was crowned the first King of the Magma Sentinels and named King Molten.  When the volcano was formed an entrance to it was formed that contained a whole thriving community, called the Magma Chamber, including the core at the bottom that is mixed with Magma and Sentelenium. The Magma Sentinels thrived for 60 long years, and then the first Bermuda War broke out, it was a fight between the long living Glacier Ghosts, the strong and powerful Magma Sentinels, the god-like Elemental Dragons, and the newcomers, the Felien species. The Magma Sentinels and Elemental Dragons paired together in a fight, beating the Felien species. The Felien species then retreated. Though King Magma had been cursed by a Glacier Ghost Curse Doctor, and had been infected with the Permafrost Glacier spell, he was slowly freezing and had to find a way to destroy it and stop the spreading. In the end he threw himself into the core of the volcano and created a whole new city, turning the once small-tribe volcano into a massive city, and creating houses and structures around it. The volcano turned light blue and had a beam coming out of it, he also left one more thing, a Baby Alpha.

The Baby Alpha had grown up to become King Magma, a strong leader who led them through many wars and fought the Felien once again, sending them off back to their world, King Magma lived a long life, though when the Elemental Dragons were cursed someone had to enable the shield, King Magma sacraficed his life to set up the shield, though a little later yet another Baby Alpha was created, and was trained to be a magic wielder. King Flame was the only magic weilding Alpha, and built more onto the volcano., making the kingdom bigger and a more consistent shield.  King Flame maintained the Magma Sentinels for a long time.

Then the Feliens came back, they came back during a festival and dropped a bomb into the volcano's core, the city went up in flames, including King Flame, the remainder of Magma Sentinels fled to a smaller volcano, where they were blessed with another Baby Alpha, which gave them hope. That Baby Alpha was Queen Everflame, the first female Alpha, and a very strong one aswell. Queen Everflame always brought them hope and helped the small bit of survivors out, and even recreated King Flame's magnificent shield design. And when the Felien came back, Queen Everflame was ready for them, she destroyed the fleet of Felien that came their way. Though years later Queen Everflame didnt flame forever, she was sealed into the core and was locked away, only to be opened for emergencies.

The next Alpha Baby was different, the people called him an Omega, for the mystic blue flame he had on his head,  and he was named King Blueflame. King Blueflame was smart, strong, and very magnificent, he was the perfect King. When the Feliens came back King Blueflame had boarded onto the Felien ship and tampered with the strange technology, rerouting it into the ocean. King Blueflame was sick of the repeating fights, so he had reasoned with Forestfire the Elemental Dragon to join the Magma Sentinels, transforming into the first ever Sentelenium Dragon (and the only living one today) . Soon enough more dragons converted to a Sentelenium  Dragon and the warriors flew to Feliens and confronted them, the Feliens just put up their shield and all the defenses.

King Ash in his demented lava form.

But that did not stop King Blueflame, he shattered the forcefield with sheer power and demolished many of the biolding, the pure hatred he had for this species broke out and he began to destroy it all. Though when he was shot and severely hurt, he thought it was all over. But the Original God of Glacier Ghosts did not want King Bluefame's saga to end, he was transformed into a God and destroyed the largest Felien species, he then flew back. Though as a god, he couldnt be a king. God Blueflame created the next Alpha Baby. He was named King Molten II in remembrance. King Molten II was arguably everyone's favorite king, he was cheerful, brave, and happy. The Felien came back with an ancient device, however.

It was the Key of Forever Banishment, and they used it, God Blueflame and King Molten II were absorbed and placed into the Banish Realm. Then the Magma Sentinels were quiet. For over 100 years they had no king, and they went into wars, had fights, destroyed each other. as the Feliens calmed down and became calm creatures, losing the weaponry and becoming cute and cuttly creatures. The Magma Sentinels went into war. But hope shined as yet another Alpha was birthed by the volcano, and he was know as King Ash.

Important CharactersEdit

  • King Ash
  • Singur
  • Miss Birnstone
  • King Molten II
  • God Blueflame
  • Malakstar
  • Frostburn