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MagiKoopa - Super Mario 3D World
Species Origin Koopa Troopa
Rarity Uncommon
Alignment Bad
Notable Members
Kammy Koopa
Koopa Troop

Magikoopas are recurring enemies in the Super Mario (series), they use magic to attack and often ride broomsticks, however, they don't always ride them. They are usually seen to be allied with Bowser and Wario. Magikoopas appear to be important members of Bowser's army and Kamek is his personal adviser who seems to have raised him while Kammy Koopa did the same for his cousin Koopa Kid.


Super Mario MHL

Magikoopas appear in Super Mario MHL.

DX Series

Magikoopas are enemies in DX Mario RPG 2: The Stars Await the One Who Seeks the Treasure and DX Mario RPG 3: The Yoshi Saga.

Goomsday Wii

Magikoopas were forced to serve Goomboss when he overthrew their leader. Since he wielded the Scepter of Superiority, Goomboss did not have much need of them at first, other than to learn more about the Scepter's powers. When he learned that he required the Mega Mustache to attain his goal (multiply the number of Goombas by millions), Goomboss ordered the Magikoopas to enchant his mustache. Just before the final battle, they enchanted him with a spell that would mimic the ability of any magic hurled at it. Ironically, Waluigi burst in at that moment and struck the great Goomba with a full-power blast from the Super Scepter. This transformed Goomboss into Grand Poo-bah Goomba.

Lets-a-go, Mario

Magikoopas reappear in Lets-a-go, Mario. They attack by teleporting around and firing magical shapes, similar to Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario World. The game also has differently colored ones. The red ones can fire burning magic that can scorch metal and wood walls. The yellow ones will spawn troublesome enemies to run at the heroes. The violet, white, and pink ones bear a resemblance to Kamella. Violet ones will fire projectiles into the sky and make it rain a giant triangle, circle, and square. Pink ones hover around and create holographic clones of themselves. White ones only appear in boss battles to cause havoc, such as healing the boss. Green ones constantly spawn more Magikoopas of any color besides green.




Playable Characters

Default Characters
Larry KoopaLemmy KoopaIggy KoopaRoy KoopaWendy O. KoopaMorton Koopa Jr.Ludwig von KoopaLavora KoopaDolly P. KoopaJackson KoopaRisen KoopaEllen D. Koopa

Unlockable Characters
Gwendoline KoopaJustin KoopaMulgarth KoopaMortisha Koopa

DLC Characters
Rivals Pack
Lady G. KoopaKevin Koopa
Unusual Pack
Jinkesse KoopaIago Koopa
QR Code
Dragonia KoopaNoah KoopaPatti L. KoopaThomas Koopa

Non-Playable Characters

MagikoopasBowserBowser Jr.


Goomba ValleyDiamond MineGhoulsome GatewayShipwreck BeachKoopashell AirlinesCircus WastelandsBowser´s Space Tower (Unlockable)Koopa City (DLC, Rivals Pack)Snowball Park (DLC, Unusual Pack)



Chargin' ChucksDiamondoPetey PiranhaKing HisstocratLakithunderSpongebombMesmeraldaKoopa ArmyChief Chilly


King GoombaKing BrolderKing BooGooper BlooperKing Sumo Bro.Motley BossblobBowserBowser Jr.King Snow Pokey


Goomba ValleyDiamond MineGhoulsome GatewayShipwreck BeachKoopashell AirlinesCircus WastelandsBowser´s Space Tower (Unlockable)Koopa City


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