Magicant is a location from the Mother/Earthbound series. It is the subconscious representation of Ness's mind. It appears as a playable, unlockable stage in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse.


ElfKitty Magicant
Universe Mother/Earthbound
Home Stage to Ness
Availability Unlockable
Size Medium

The stage debuted in Earthbound Zero. Magicant is the subconscious representation of Ness's mind and thus, the stage is very bizzare in appearance. Players fight on a series of some purple, connected islands in a dark space-like background. The isles are surrounded by purple, invisible water which seems to fade out as it gets far from the isles. There are also some floating bubbles in the sky, meteors pass and stars appear, shining at the background. The stage also features some small canals where the water passes through, interrupting some passases as seen above in the picture. The stage changes weather, as sometimes it may snow and sometimes it might rain. There are no hazards in this stage, excluding the constant background changes which can be irritating to the eye.

How to Unlock

Do 100 KO's or more with Ness.

Music Played

Bolded ones must be unlocked.

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