Prolouge: Regret It...

"Dimentio, come forth!"

Queen Jaydes called me forth

Dimentio, Master Of Dimensions.

 to her throne. Blood dripped down my nose as I struggled to get free from the chains that held my invisible arms together. I held back my sadness, and I couldn't do anything to stop the pain that caused my actions.

" Dimatris Magika the 2nd, you have tried to banish all worlds from existence. You have comitted several acts of darkness and spite. And you betrayed your only companions. Do you have anything else to say?," Queen Jaydes said. I gulped as I tried to say something, but it only came out as a squeak.

"Yes, Mistress Jaydes. I've done all of those things. And I want to murder myself like an innocent cow who belongs to a deranged...," I couldn't finish my sentence, as Queen Jaydes spoke up.

"That is all I need to know, Dimatris. You are already dead, but you cannot apoligize for your actions. These actions are unforgetable, and such actions will get a few punishments..."

"But, Queen Jaydes! You don't know how I..."

" I do! But you won't dare speak of it here, for there are eyes and ears everywhere."

Queen Jaydes cleared her throat, snapped her fingers, and a long piece of old paper appeared. I knew what it was, for it was The Parchment of Punishment.

"Dimatris, your first punishment is to be sent to The Underwhere Prison. My guards will escort you later."

I started shaking as she said those words.

"Your second punishment is to lose your Pure Breath on the 13th of May."

I started gulping. My eyes watered, and I couldn't see anything.

" Finally, your final punishment is to never see your friends again."

I couldn't take it. My tears fell down my face and onto the floor. After all the stress I've been through, I would have never thought about losing... HER.

"Guards! Escort this monster to the prison at once!," Jaydes voice boomed. Suddenly, my shaking body was lifted by the chains around me, and the two dead guards floated out the throne room.

All I can say is...

I lsot my family, my friends, and my Mimi...

I haven't cried this hard since my great loss. The one where I lost everyone...

Chapter 1: Mimi

Coming soon!

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