Magic Shyguy

Modern Version

Magic Shyguy is a Mysterious young Shyguy with a Staff that provides him Magic from the upcoming game "Magic Shyguy: "Tricky Dimention" Developed by ZapStudios .

He is known for crossing over to other franchises of Nintendo.

Magic Shyguy is a young magician living in the outskirts of Diamond City . He is a close friend of the Witch Ahsley , and spends a lot of time with her. It is known that his name is Zapper. Even tho he is called a Shy Guy , it is unknown if he actually is one of them or just love the clothing style. No one has ever seen behind his mask. Not that he won't share it, he just haven't been asked by anyone.


Under Construction. Be Patient.

Game Appearence(s)

Magic Shyguy "Tricky Dimention" -

The first upcoming game featuring Magic Shyguy in the main role, along with Ashley's "Red "

Diamond Speed Racer -

Magic Shyguy is a playable DLC character for the upcoming race game.

Powers and Items

Wand -

Star Beam - A charging beam that can be shot at any time. The more he charges the harder it hits.

Hot Shot - Shooting out FireBalls, it is not a hard hit.

Ice Freeze - Can freeze enemies into solid Ice.

Comet Rain - An attack that makes burning rocks fall on the ground, this is the hardest hitting attack.

Other non Attacks with the Wand -

Levitation - Zapper can use the wand to levitate objects to clear paths/or finish puzzles.

Glow - In the dark, the Wand will automatically start glowing to light the path.

Book of Spells -

Zapper has a black ancient book, that has numerious of spells, tales and information regarding enemies that he encounters.

Common Spells -

Navigation - You can use the Book as map to find treasures, paths and where to go to. An arrow will point you to the right direction.

Black Hole - You can create a black hole that will suck in enemies. It is limited of use, but can be very usefull in massive encounters.


Concept design for Ultimate Form

Ultimate form -

When all the 15 Diamonds are collected, Zapper transforms into his "Ultimate Form" Giving him big FireBall throws, Star Beam fully charged and unlimited Comet Rain at his disposal.



  • Magic Shyguy was the first Mascot of ZapStudios .
  • There is no space between "Shy" and "Guy" in his name, implying that he might just have it as an alias and may not be part of the species.
    • It's stated that Shyguy likes the fashion of the Shy Guy species.

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